Disneyland Paris proposal

Disneyland Paris Cast Member Grabs Ring In Middle of Proposal

In a video originally shared on Reddit, a Disneyland Paris Cast Member grabs an engagement ring in the middle of a proposal.

In the video, a man and woman are standing on a stage in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris. It starts as the man kneels in front of his girlfriend, ring in hand. A Cast Member then runs onto the stage, grabs the ring out of the man’s hand, and runs down the stairs, gesturing for the guests to follow. Another Cast Member on the ground also gestures for the guests to step off the stage. They slowly step down from the stage as the crowd starts booing, and the Cast Member says, “Over here, that’s gonna be even better!” According to user Wasgehtlan on Reddit, the man had asked permission to do the proposal.

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    1. Not neccessarily. The guests were in a restricted zone, and we don’t know that they were actually given permission. In fact, my guess is that he’s perfectly fine because that’s a safety concern. There were also a lot of eye witnesses who said the cast members had been telling them to get down.

      If you don’t have a manager there with you to make sure you’re in the clear and other employees aren’t interfering, you didn’t get permission. Most cast members don’t have the ability to approve that kind of thing.

  1. Something tells me that those two cast members weren’t told that the others said yes.

    1. Or the person who “gave them permission” didn’t really have the authority to do so…

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