merchandise roundup 06.07.22

NEW WDW Merchandise Roundup 6/7/22: ‘Hercules,’ 25th Anniversary Pins, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Pins, ‘Ms. Marvel’ Tee, and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for June 7, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. This week we visited Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, Disney’s Riviera Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort; let’s look at our discoveries.

Mickey Countdown Calendar – $39.99

flip calendar

This double-sided flip calendar lets you count down to your next Disney vacation or just track the date. The number cards hang from gold rings on a metal frame. A Mickey silhouette sits next to the frame, on a wood base.

flip calendar 3

One side shows numbers and months.

flip calendar 2

The other side shows numbers and “Days until” options. One card reads “Days until school’s out.”

flip calendar 4

Another reads “Days until Disney vacation.”

flip calendar 1

You can also write in what you are counting down to.

This was in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Travel Mickey Pet Bowl – $19.99

mickey pet bowl 1

This collapsible travel bowl is perfect for your pets on the go.

mickey pet bowl 2

It is yellow and shaped like Mickey. A carabiner clip is attached to one ear.

mickey pet bowl 3

His face is the section that collapses to create a bowl.

mickey pet bowl 4
mickey pet bowl

This was in the Emporium.

Pride PopGrip – $16.99

pride pop grip 0

Add some pride to your phone case with this rainbow Mickey PopGrip.

pride pop grip 1
pride pop grip 2

It features Mickey’s face made of an ombre rainbow and covered in sparkles.

pride pop grip 3

This was also in the Emporium.

Lady & the Tramp Mug – $19.99

lady and the tramp mug 0

This stoneware mug features Tramp on one side and Lady on the other, with a string of spaghetti connecting them.

lady and the tramp mug 1

The mug has a watercolor-like background of the alleyway featured in the movie.

lady and the tramp mug 2
lady and the tramp mug 3

The inside of the mug and the handle are off-white. It reads “you had me at spaghetti” in purple cursive inside.

This mug was also in the Emporium.

Alice in Wonderland Ornament – $24.99

alice ornament 2

This ornament matches the U.K. Pavilion’s “Alice in Wonderland” merch.

alice ornament 6

Alice stands on a green grassy base.

alice ornament 3

“United Kingdom” and flowers are on the base.

alice ornament 4

A large golden teapot is next to Alice. “It’s always tea time!” is printed on the side of the pot.

alice ornament 5

Teacups are stacked on the other side of her and she drinks from a teacup.

alice ornament

This was in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom.

Disney Tank – $36.99

wdw tank 1

This yellow orange tank reads “Disney” four times down the side.

wdw tank 2

The letters are red and blue. “Magic” is printed at the bottom.

wdw tank

We found this in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

Disney Vacation Club Pullover – $59.99

Dvc pullover 1

In Boutiki at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, we found this new Disney Vacation Club pullover.

Dvc pullover 2

It is a heather white and zips up a few inches at the top.

Dvc pullover 3

A black and golden Disney Vacation Club patch is on the left breast.

Dvc pullover 4
Dvc pullover

Riviera Blanket – $59.99

riviera merch 6

We found this Kashwére blanket at Disney’s Riviera Resort.

riviera merch 1
riviera merch 4
riviera merch 2
riviera merch 0

It’s white with blue stripes at the ends.

riviera merch 5

It’s embroidered with the Riviera Resort logo.

Riviera Tommy Bahama Shirt – $125

riviera merch 9

This white shirt by Tommy Bahama was also at Riviera Resort.

riviera merch 11
riviera merch 8

The Riviera Resort logo is printed on the back.

riviera merch 7

Moana Baby Plush $34.99

moana baby plush 4

Take home your own baby Moana with this plush.

moana baby plush 2

Moana has a pink flower in her hair and an embroidered shell necklace.

moana baby plush 5

She comes swaddled in a red blanket printed with black lines and the swirl from the heart of Te Fiti.

moana baby plush 3
moana baby plush

The blanket stays in place with velcro.

moana baby plush 1

It can be removed to reveal Moana’s white top and tan skirt.

We found baby Moana at Bay View Gifts in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

nuimos tropical 5

These two Disney nuiMOs outfits were also in Bay View Gifts.

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – $12.99

nuimos tropical 1

This outfit from Fashion Collection $6 includes a romper and headband.

nuimos tropical 3

They are both light pink and patterned with tropical green flowers.

nuimos tropical

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – $12.99

nuimos tropical 6

This outfit includes a tie-dye bucket hat and hoodie.

nuimos tropical 4
nuimos tropical 7

The pants are solid purple.

Stitch Outdoor Floor Pillow – $59.99

stitch pillow

Whether you’re sitting outside to watch a parade or just hanging out in your yard at home, this outdoor pillow might be perfect for you.

stitch pillow 2

It’s blue and patterned with white images of Stitch surfing and hanging out at the beach. There are also white fish and teal blue waves.

stitch pillow 3
stitch pillow 1

It has a brown handle on the side for easy carrying.

stitch pillow 4

This and the Apple Watch band below were in Creations Shop at EPCOT.

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Stitch Apple Watch Band – $36.99

stitch apple watch

Keep Stitch close with this Apple Watch band featuring the blue alien.

stitch apple watch 2

Like the pillow, Stitch is doing beach activities, surrounded by tropical flowers.

stitch apple watch 1

Rajah Baby Plush – $34.99

rajah plush 0

You can cuddle up with Princess Jasmine’s loyal tiger, Rajah, with this new baby plush.

rajah plush 3

Rajah comes swaddled in a pink-purple blanket patterned with clouds, flowers, and images of Abu and the Genie’s lamp.

rajah plush 4
rajah plush 5
rajah plush 2
rajah plush 1

Rajah was in Creations Shop.

Disney nuiMOs Raincoat – $12.99

nuimos raincoat 2 1

We’re entering rainy season in Florida, which means your favorite Disney nuiMOs plush may need a raincoat.

nuimos raincoat 1 1

This set includes a lime green raincoat and matching boots.

nuimos raincoat 3

It was in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Ms. Marvel Tee – $36.99

marvel shirt 1

This blue tee has red stripes on the sleeves.

marvel shirt 3
marvel shirt 2

It’s branded with the Ms. Marvel logo in a shiny red graffiti style on the front. It lists several Marvel superheroes, but some of them don’t quite have the right name:

Captain America & Iron Man & Black Widow & Mr. Tree & Hulk & Gigantic Dude & Thor & Black Panther & Cosmic Avenger.

A logo at the bottom is for New Jersey Avengercon.

marvel shirt

This was in Keystone Clothiers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Fauna Romper – $49.99

fauna romper 1 1

The romper is pink but reads “make it green” on the front. Fauna the fairy wears green, but she doesn’t participate in the “make it pink, make it blue” fight in the movie.

fauna romper 2 1

The letters of “make” are white and blue, while the rest of the letters are green. Fauna is pictured in green outline next to the words. The spinning wheel, Merryweather, birds, and flowers are to the sides.

fauna romper 3 1

A drawstring is at the waist of the romper. More flower and bird designs are on the legs.

fauna romper 6

We found this in The Majestic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Cinderella Castle Phone Case – $34.99

castle phone case 1

Over at Disney Springs, we found this new phone case in Marketplace Co-Op.

castle phone case 2

It has a 3-D effect of Cinderella Castle against a blue background. The castle is pictured in white outline and the background is patterned with subtle retro Walt Disney World logos.

castle phone case

Minnie Cottagecore Pin – $9.99

minnie cottagecore pin 1

This pin features Minnie wearing a sun hat with a purple and white dress. She’s carrying a basket of lavender.

minnie cottagecore pin

This was in Disney Pin Traders at Disney Springs.

“Hercules” 25th Anniversary Jumbo Pin – $79.99

hercules pins 1

This jumbo pin features Hades, Pain, and Panic looking down at an image of Hercules astride Pegasus.

hercules pins 2

It comes in a box with a Grecian pattern around the plastic window.

hercules pins 0

The limited edition size is 2,000. This and the next two “Hercules” pins were in Pin Traders at EPCOT.

Limited Release “Hercules” 25th Anniversary Pin – $17.99

hercules pins 4

Megara and Hercules look lovingly at each other on this pin, with Phil and Pegasus behind them.

hercules pins 5

Herc’s medallion with a lightning bolt coming out of a cloud is at the bottom.

“Hercules” 25th Anniversary Mystery Pins – $19.99

hercules pins 6

One of these mystery boxes contains two out of ten possible pins.

hercules pins 11
hercules pins 7

Each pin features a different scene from the film on a vase.

hercules pins 8

They all say “Hercules 25.”

hercules pins 9
hercules pins 10

Limited Edition “Hercules” 25th Anniversary Pin – $19.99

hercules pins 14

This pin resembles Hercules’ golden medallion on a red ribbon.

hercules pins 15
hercules pins 16

It is a limited edition size of 4,000 and we found it in Frontier Trading Post at Magic Kingdom.

Limited Edition Ariel Princess Tea Party Pin – $19.99

teacup pin 7 scaled

The latest Princess Tea Party pin is inspired by Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.

teacup pin 8 scaled

The teapot and cup are both patterned with green scales. The spout and cup handle are blue seahorses. The top of the pot is purple with orange sea stars.

This has a limited edition size of 4,000 and was in Pin Traders at EPCOT.

star wars pins 0 scaled

These two new “Star Wars” action figure pins were at Pin Traders.

Limited Release C-3PO Action Figure Pin – $17.99

star wars pins 4 scaled

The backing cards resemble action figure boxes.

star wars pins 5 scaled

The C-3PO pin has dangling arms and legs.

Limited Release R2-D2 Action Figure Pin – $17.99

star wars pins 1 scaled

R2-D2’s arms are also dangling.

star wars pins 2 scaled
thor pins 10 scaled

Next, these three “Thor: Love and Thunder” pins were at Pin Traders.

Limited Edition “Thor: Love and Thunder” Pin – $19.99

thor pins 14 scaled

This one features Valkyrie riding her winged horse and brandishing a sword. A triangle with Nordic designs on it is behind her.

thor pins 16 scaled

She, the horse, and the triangle are printed in shades of red, yellow, and purple. It has a limited edition size of 4,000.

Limited Release “Thor: Love and Thunder” Pin – $17.99

thor pins 17 scaled

This pin features Thor and Mighty Thor a.k.a. Jane Foster.

thor pins 18 scaled

The “Thor: Love and Thunder” logo is below them.

Limited Release “Thor: Love and Thunder” Pin – $17.99

thor pins 12 scaled

A Norse ship followed by a rainbow is on this pin, which advertises “New Asgard Tours.”

thor pins 13 scaled

The piece at the top corner features the hammer Mjölnir and reads “Tour Guide of the Month.”

Limited Release “Thor: Love and Thunder” Pin Set – $17.99

thor pins 20 scaled

Finally, we found this pin set at Frontier Trading Post.

thor pins 21 scaled

The top pin features Thor and reads “Worthy.”

thor pins 22 scaled

The bottom pin features Jane as Thor and reads “Mighty.”

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