Merchandise Roundup 6/11/2022: Marie nuiMOs Plush, Princess Apparel, More Pride Arrivals, and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for June 11, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. This week, we visited Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs; let’s look at our discoveries.

Marie nuiMOs Plush – $19.99

Marie is a white kitten with a light pink nose and grey whiskers.

She wears a small pink bow on her head in front of a fluff of white fur.

She has a pink collar with a large pink bow on the back.

We found Marie in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Stitch Cutting Board – $39.99

This wood cutting board is carved with an image of Stitch with a coconut drink outside a beach shed.

There are surfboards and a palm tree.

The board has brown straps on the sides.

This was in the Emporium.

Rebecca Hook Mickey Arrow Stud Earrings – $76

We spotted new Mickey studs on display at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom.

They are heart-shaped, with a cutout of Mickey at the center and an arrow going through the heart.

Pride Folding Fan – $12.99

This folding fan uses clear plastic so as not to obstruct the ombre rainbow of the fan.

“Love” is in white letters across it, and Mickey’s silhouette is in black through the “o.”

We found this Pride fan at Carthay Circle in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Pride Phone Case – $29.99

This black phone case has rainbow stripes.

“Pride” is in rainbow letters between the stripes. A Mickey head replaces the dot in the “i.”

This was in Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. at Magic Kingdom.

Pride Phone Case – $29.99

This phone case is also black, with horizontal rainbow stripes. It says “Belong, believe, be proud” in white letters.

Above “proud” is a rainbow ombre stripe with a Mickey head inside.

This was in The Darkroom at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

3-D Pride Phone Case – $34.99

This phone case reads “True to your <3.” The heart is a rainbow ombre with a Mickey head inside.

The letters and heart have a 3-D effect.

This was in DisneyStyle at Disney Springs.

Cinderella Skirt – $49.99

This skirt has white buttons up the front, but they aren’t actually functional.

The waist is elastic, with a tie belt.

A couple of Cinderella’s bird friends are printed on the skirt.

Gus and Jaq are printed next to a colorful patch, reading, “They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

The back of the skirt is blank. It was also in DisneyStyle.

“Moana” Button-Up – $59.99

This light blue button-up has a white pattern of “Moana” images.

It reads “Love our oceans” on one sleeve.

The images are in the art style of Maui’s tattoos.

This was in The Majestic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Paint Splatter Biker Shorts – $36.99

These bike shorts are white, with a paint splatter design.

The Walt Disney World logo is on the left leg.

Among the colorful paint splatters are outlines of Cinderella Castle.

These were also in The Majestic.

“Play in the Park” Helicopter Hat – $29.99

The panels of this hat are each a different color.

On the front is a patch of a Mickey board game spinner against a blue background.

The brim is dark blue. “Play in the Park” is embroidered on the corner.

Pluto rides Dumbo the Flying Elephant on a red panel.

Donald is on a Jungle Cruise boat against a yellow background.

Goofy is in an Astro Orbiter spaceship on another ride vehicle.

Chip and Dale are riding on a train against a red panel.

And Mickey drives a Tomorrowland Speedway car across the very back.

The back has a black adjustable strap.

A blue plastic propeller with red and yellow beads is on top.

We found this in the Emporium.

This hat is also available at Disneyland Resort, where most of the “Play in the Park” collection has been released.

Cinderella Beads Mug – $14.99

This transparent plastic mug has blue beads in the handle.

A red outline of Gus and Jaq runs across one side of the mug, holding a ribbon between them.

The other side says, “Pretty, pretty, pretty!”

This and the rest of the mugs below were in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

“Up” Confetti Mug – $14.99

This “Up” mug features the Frederickson house floating by on balloons.

The handle is filled with balloon-shaped confetti.

The other side reads, “Adventure is out there!”

Vanellope Sprinkles Mug – $14.99

Another mug features Vanellope von Schweetz from “Wreck-It Ralph.”

The handle is filled with sprinkles to represent Vanellope’s home game of Sugar Rush.

The other side features the cookie medal that Vanellope made for Ralph. The two heart shapes read, “To: Stinkbrain” (Vanellope’s nickname for Ralph) and “You’re my hero.”

“Love” Mug – $19.99

This stoneware mug is pale pink with a white bottom. It says “Love,” with a Mickey head instead of an “o.” The letters are dark pink, and the Mickey head is white.

“Thor” New Asgard Tours Hat – $29.99

The front of this hat is black, and the brim is yellow.

It reads “New Asgard Tours” in yellow embroidery and features a Norse ship flying along a rainbow.

The back of the hat is white mesh.

It has an adjustable black strap.

This hat and the PopSockets set below were in the Emporium.

“Thor” PopSockets PopGrip Set – $29.99

This set includes two sparkly Thor-inspired PopGrips.

The top one features the reforged Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer now wielded by Mighty Thor (Jane Foster).

The bottom one features Stormbreaker, the axe now wielded by Thor.

“Thor” Jacket by Her Universe – $79.99

This new jacket was in Legends of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It resembles the armor of Mighty Thor.

It’s mostly black with silver and brown lines. It zips up the front.

There are pockets with red lining.

The inside is red and reads “I choose worthiness” around an image of Mjölnir.

The back is red, like Mighty Thor’s cape.

Star-Lord “Thor: Love and Thunder” Figure – $24.99

A new set of the Marvel Legends Series action figures have arrived for “Thor: Love and Thunder” as well.

This one features Star-Lord. Each figure comes with a piece that can be assembled to create another character. In this case, you can collect all the characters to get all the parts for Korg.

This and the other action figures below were in Creations Shop at EPCOT.

Mighty Thor “Thor: Love and Thunder” Figure – $24.99

Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) has interchangeable heads, one with her helmet and one without.

Ravager Thor “Thor: Love and Thunder” Figure – $24.99

Ravager Thor comes with Stormbreaker, his axe.

Thor “Thor: Love and Thunder” Figure – $24.99

Another version of Thor comes decked out in full armor and helm.

He comes with an interchangeable fist.

Gorr “Thor: Love and Thunder” Figure – $24.99

Gorr the God Butcher comes with his weapon, All-Black the Necrosword.

Youth Thor Tee – $19.99

This youth tee features Thor and Mighty Thor with their weapons held aloft in a triangle.

It reads, “Raise your hammer for Asgard.”

Adult Thor Tee – $24.99

A gray tee for adults features Thor holding Stormbreaker amidst diagonal lines in shades of blue.

It says “worthy” under the image.

Mighty Thor Youth Costume – $54.99

Kids can dress up as the Mighty Thor with a new costume.

It comes with the outfit, cape, and mask.

Thor Youth Costume – $54.99

You can also pick up Thor’s new outfit.

The costumes come with a reminder that masks such as the one included cannot be worn within the theme parks.

Jump Point Magnets

These new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind jump point magnets were in Creations Shop.

Rocket Racoon Jump Point Magnets – $14.99

Each set includes two magnets, one of the character’s head and another of the character’s legs.

Rocket appears to be split in half by the red-purple jump points behind him.

Groot Jump Point Magnets – $14.99

Groot looks happier than Rocket, smiling and waving.

Young Groot Pen – $12.99

This Groot pen was also in Creations Shop.

It depicts a young Groot smiling.

One of his legs extends to become the pen.

Nike Dri-Fit Polo – $70

This polo is mostly white, with a gray stripe across the chest, and a black top section.

It’s made of a mesh material.

A tiny Mickey head is embroidered in white on the left breast.

The Nike swoosh is printed on one sleeve.

Nike Dri-Fit Pullover – $85

This pullover zips up the chest.

It also has the Nike swoosh on one sleeve.

Mickey’s full body is embroidered on the chest.

This is all black.

Nike Mesh Polo – $70

This mesh polo is also all black but made of a lightweight material.

Mickey’s full body is embroidered on the left breast.

The shirt is almost see-through in the sunlight.

Garden Stakes – $14.99

We found this set of six garden stakes at Port of Entry in EPCOT.

One of the wooden stakes features Mickey, while the others are labeled for specific vegetables.

There are two stakes for parsley, while the other stakes are for tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots.

“Raya and the Last Dragon” Pin – $9.99

This sparkly pin features young Raya holding baby Tuk Tuk.

This pin was at Pin Traders in Disney Springs.

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