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New Mario Kart Merchandise Races Into Universal CityWalk Hollywood

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New Mario Kart merchandise has arrived at Feature Presentation in Universal CityWalk Hollywood, which is currently Super Nintendo World-themed.

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This year marks 30 years of Mario Kart games.

Mario Kart Youth Pajamas – $40

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This pajama set includes a short-sleeved shirt and pants.

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The shirt is gray with black sleeves. Mario is driving his own “kart” across the front. “Mario Kart” is in white letters down the side.

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The gray pants are patterned with different Mario Kart-themed road signs.

Mario Kart Backpack – $50

mario kart merch181808

This backpack is also gray, with a seatbelt-like buckle over the front pocket.

mario kart merch181903

The top of the bag is orange, featuring an image of Mario.

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mario kart merch181821

The buckle opens, and the pockets also zip up.

mario kart merch181831

The pocket is patterned with road signs and symbols.

mario kart merch181842

There are mesh side pockets.

mario kart merch181847

The straps are black, with red stripes reading “Mario Kart.”

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mario kart merch181917

Mario Kart Tee – $35

mario kart merch182311

This gray tee reads “Mario Kart” above a check pattern.

mario kart merch182327

An image of Mario driving his cart is above a “92,” the year Mario Kart launched.

mario kart merch182339

Mario Kart Decal Sheet – $11

mario kart merch181550

There are 15 removable and reusable decals in this set.

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Each one resembles a sign, advertising “Fuzzy Battery,” “Mario Kart Television,” “Undead Motors,” and more.

mario kart merch181556

Bullet Bill Sign – $15

mario kart merch181511

This metal sign reads “Bullet Bill Speed Trial.” Bullet Bill, pictured in orange, is shooting across the sign.

mario kart merch181516

Bowser Sign – $15

mario kart merch182018

This sign says “Bowser Oil,” with a logo for Bowser replacing the “o.” It’s yellow with black lettering and a check pattern along the bottom.

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Mario Kart Road Sign – $22

mario kart merch182420

This sign resembles an interstate road sign. It’s white and black.

mario kart merch182428

Instead of an interstate name, it reads “Mario Kart Since 92.”

mario kart merch182437

Banana Road Sign – $22

mario kart merch182510

This diamond-shaped sign is yellow and features a smiling banana peel.

mario kart merch182519

Mushroom Piston Engines Sign – $22

mario kart merch182553

This sign advertises “Mushroom Piston Engines.” A mushroom-like tool is pictured.

mario kart merch182600

Turtle Shell Sign – $22

mario kart merch182639

This sign has a black turtle shell, with a red circle around it and a red line through it.

mario kart merch182648

Luigi Keychain – $18

mario kart merch182727

These strap keychains each have a different color scheme and feature a different character. Luigi’s has a purple edge, around black and white checking.

mario kart merch182842

A purple plaque of Luigi driving his cart and a fish bone attacking him is on one side of the stripe.

mario kart merch182742

The other side features a Mario Kart charm.

mario kart merch182743

Princess Peach Keychain – $18

mario kart merch182808

Princess Peach’s keychain has a pink edge and plaque.

mario kart merch182805

The keychain clips are metal.

mario kart merch182812
mario kart merch182837

On the plaque, Peach is driving her cart, a piranha plant right behind her.

mario kart merch182819
mario kart merch182820

Yoshi Keychain – $18

mario kart merch182850

Yoshi’s strap has a green color scheme.

mario kart merch182942

Yoshi is about to throw a turtle shell at Bullet Bill.

mario kart merch182904
mario kart merch182909

Mario Keychain – $18

mario kart merch182920

Finally, the Mario keychain has red accents.

mario kart merch182945

Nothing is attacking Mario on this plaque.

mario kart merch182932
mario kart merch182935
mario kart merch183009

Will you be using any of this Mario Kart merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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