‘Ms. Marvel’ Viewership Dramatically Lower Than Other Disney+ Marvel Series

“Ms. Marvel” released it’s first episode on Disney+ on June 8. Already the new Marvel series is failing to bring in the expected viewership.

According to Samba TV’s tweet, “Ms. Marvel” only brought in 775K views in the series first five days. This is incredibly lackluster compared to other Disney+ Marvel series which usually receive over 1 million views on their first couple days.

However, the lack of views most certainly has more to do with the release of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” just the week prior. The long-awaited Star Wars series hogging all the glory is a more likely reason than “Ms. Marvel” failing to deliver an engaging story.

In fact, “Ms. Marvel” is widely popular among minorities and younger viewers, according to Samba TV. The series is a coming-of-age story, so perhaps “Ms. Marvel” (and it’s viewership) just need time to grow.

Interested in watching? Here’s the link to the trailer! Let us know what you think of the series in the comments below!

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  1. Oh, that’s disappointing. We love this one at our house! I hope other folks give it a chance. It’s nice to see a series honoring other cultures and religions as part of the plot instead of shoehorned in or just casually mentioned once. It’s vibrant and exciting and very different from other Marvel series. I’m excited to see where it goes!

  2. Die hard MCU and I don’t plan on watching. Show looks incredibly cheap and immature. Also the co creator of the character is a bigot

  3. Part of it I think is, there has just been so much Marvel content, I’ve not even watched Hawkeye… and Ms Marvel did kind of give off a teen vibe so I’m not as interested in watching it. Hopefully not every show has to have huge viewer numbers to stick around. I don’t really see how Obi-Wan would affect it though with just one new show per week, lots of time left to watch other shows if interested.

  4. Wait.. hahaha.. wait. Now you’re blaming it on Obi Wan series? Listen, it’s real simple. This whole woke, all inclusive rah rah just doesn’t work. The people who are obsessed with that nonsense have never and will never be a core audience for comics and so on. Go woke, go broke. Glad its flopping. And I’m a person of color. You can’t. Force feed people this garbage and expect them to simply go along with it for ‘reasons’

    1. If you believe Zay is a “person of color” I’d like to sell you a bridge in Triggered White Guyville. Dude, why is a series featuring a minority character “woke?” And what specifically is being forced on you? Your argument, like the argument of all racists, makes precisely zero sense.

    1. Is anything that doesn’t star a middle-aged white male considered woke? Asking for a friend.


    2. We really enjoyed this show, it’s good old fashioned family style entertainment. I think 775k viewers is very high for a brand new Marvel character. This article isn’t fair at all. The other Disney Plus shows were for established Marvel characters. Ms. Marvel is a great show, for the whole family; which is rare these days.

  5. Unfortunately it’s not very good. The bits of almost Deadpool-like animation art are an interesting touch but the story is like something for elementary school and the character is dull.

  6. I feel like they barely advertised for this series. Even now after it’s been relased a really haven’t seen any advertisements or news about it besides on WDWNT. I stay pretty up to date on disney plus, and I had no idea this show was even coming out until right before it’s release.

  7. Blaming “wokism” or “racism” for the failure of this show is entirely inaccurate. The MCU came to life because for the first 3 phases we got the live action versions of the comics we grew up loving. Changing those characters will never succeed in the same way. Black widow was a terrible movie for so many reasons but it could have been acceptable as just a one off action flick but changing Taskmaster into the unrecognizable masktasker was just the tip of the iceberg. Is this a show about the inhuman character called Ms. Marvel or are we renaming and rebranding quasar? I know Kevin probably won’t see this comment but on the one in a trillion chance you’re seeing this sir, please stop the masktasking? Here is the formula; take the comic book, lay it out as a story board and then film it. The work is done, the plot, the characters, even the dialog. People who blame the fans are missing the point. Marvel comics exists because of fans. Same with movies. Give the fans the characters they are fans of and your continued success will be assured.

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