"Back to the Future" skateboard decks

New ‘Back to the Future’ Hoverboard Skateboard Decks at Universal Studios Florida

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The summer Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida is now selling skateboard decks by The Hundreds inspired by the hoverboards in “Back to the Future II.”

"Back to the Future" skateboard decks

There are two decks. One is pink, inspired by the Mattel hoverboard Marty uses. The other is black, inspired by the Pit Bull hoverboard used by Griff Tannen.

Marty’s Hoverboard Skateboard Deck – $125

bttf skateboard decks 1

This deck is shaped like a standard skateboard.

bttf skateboard decks 5

It’s pink, with a dotted background, and solid stripes across it.

bttf skateboard decks 2

The stripes are yellow, green, pink, and white.

bttf skateboard decks 0

“The Hundreds” is across the yellow stripes in the center, instead of “hoverboard.” There are two red bombs pictured against the background.

bttf skateboard decks 3
bttf skateboard decks 4

Circles resembling the hover tech are on the bottom of the deck.

bttf skateboard decks 6

Wheels can be installed at the center of the grey circles.

bttf skateboard decks 7
bttf skateboard decks 8

The “Back to the Future” and Amblin Entertainment logos are on the bottom, too.

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Pit Bull Hoverboard Skateboard Deck – $125

bttf skateboard decks 22

This deck is black, with an angry pit bull pictured in the center.

bttf skateboard decks 11

The back of the deck is rounded, while the front comes to a point. It has indents along the sides.

bttf skateboard decks 12

There are silver designs at the back, resembling the rockets on the movie version of the board.

bttf skateboard decks 15

Instead of “Pit Bull,” it reads “The Hundreds” in red and white lettering. The dog is wearing a spiked collar and is pictured with a reddish tint.

bttf skateboard decks 14
bttf skateboard decks 21

The rocket design continues on the bottom.

bttf skateboard decks 16

It also has circles where the wheels can be installed.

bttf skateboard decks 18

Will you be using one of these “Back to the Future” skateboard decks? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. How many people do you think will impulse buy these and then regret the purchase once they realize they don’t say “Hoverboard” or “Pitbull”??

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