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New Resistance Merchandise, Ithorian Statue, Boba Fett Tee Land at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

New Resistance merchandise, as well as an Ithorian gravestone replica and Boba Fett youth tee, have arrived at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Resist Bottle – $29.99

swge merch 2 scaled

This metal bottle comes with a brown pleather strap.

swge merch 5 scaled

A weathered version of the Resistance logo is on one side.

swge merch 7 scaled

X-Wings fly over the logo and it reads “Resist.”

swge merch 1 scaled

The other side reads “Enlist today” under pilot wings and a helmet.

swge merch 6 scaled
swge merch 3 scaled
swge merch 4 scaled

The strap reads “May the Force be with you” and “Black Spire Outpost.”

swge merch 0 scaled

This and the rest of the Resistance merchandise were at the carts near the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance entrance.

Rise of the Resistance Magnet – $14.99

swge merch 12 scaled

This magnet has a bronze edge reading “Rise of the Resistance.” An X-Wing pilot’s helmet is at the center.

swge merch 10 scaled

Millennium Falcon Magnet & Bottle Opener – $14.99

swge merch 22 scaled

This large magnet is a detailed recreation of the Millennium Falcon.

swge merch 21 scaled
swge merch 20 scaled
swge merch 23 scaled

It can also be used as a bottle opener.

Black Spire Outpost Bandolier – $49.99

swge merch 29 scaled

This brown canvas bandolier has several small pouches on the strap.

swge merch 26

The pouches are kept closed with dark brown straps.

swge merch 25 scaled

The main bag clips closed with a brown strap and metal hook.

swge merch 30
swge merch 24 scaled

Inside, it reads “Black Spire Outpost” over the orange Resistance logo.

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swge merch 32
swge merch 31 scaled
swge merch 27

Resistance Jacket – $74.99

swge merch 19 scaled

This off-white jacket zips up.

swge merch 13

A blue and gold Resistance patch is on the left sleeve.

swge merch 18

On the right breast is a patch resembling the military-like insignia incorporated into Resistance uniforms.

swge merch 16 scaled
swge merch 14 scaled
swge merch 17 scaled

Ithorian Gravestone with Hidden Compartment – $49.99

swge merch 34 scaled

This figure resembles rock with the image of an Ithorian (Dok-Ondar’s species) carved into it.

swge merch 39 scaled

This is a replica of the Ithorian gravestone found outside the shop, belonging to Dok-Ondar’s parents.

swge merch 40
swge merch 38 scaled

The base opens up to reveal a small compartment.

swge merch 37 scaled

It has a magnetic cap.

swge merch 35 scaled

You can find this in Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

Youth Boba Fett Tee – $24.99

swge merch 45 scaled

We found this green Boba Fett tee in Black Spire Outfitters.

swge merch 44

It features Boba Fett’s helmet, Mythosaur skull symbol, and his name in Aurebesh.

swge merch 43

On the sleeve is a minimalist symbol resembling a Mandalorian helmet.

swge merch 42 scaled

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