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PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT & Disney Springs 6/5/2022 (Annual Passholder Secret Beverage at Joffrey’s Coffee, Salt & Straw Introduces Summer Picnic Series, & More)

Good morning, and welcome to EPCOT! We’re traveling the world(showcase) today in search of new merchandise, restocks, and new food. Tighten your laces because we are headed out.

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It’s a beautiful day for a Sunday stroll through EPCOT.

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Additional tables have been added outside of Connections Café. Maybe this will help to solve the congestion that occurs inside?

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We found a new oversized outdoor pillow at Creations Shop.

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You can find Disney Pride Collection Minnie Ear headbands at Creations Shop, as well. These ears match perfectly with the entire collection.

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Is Groot screaming or singing?

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“Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to work we go.”

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EPCOT opened early today, at 8a.m. Many of the rides were walk-ons this morning.

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Pride treats continue to be available through the month of June. We discovered this Greek Salad at Sunshine Seasons.

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Of course, we had to say “good morning” to our seahorse pals. They were all very active this morning!

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A few Vault Balloon Bucket Hats are in stock at Port of Entry.

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It’s time to head around the world, and Olaf is seeing us off on our journey. Bye, Olaf!

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The Plaza de los Amigos Marketplace had a few new items. A shot glass, a pitcher, a margarita glass are just to name a few. The design matches the new Minnie Ear Headbands.

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The glass items will need a wash before use.

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We also discovered a new magnet, tote bag, and a wristlet.

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Disney is ready for the 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. A few more food booths have sprouted up around World Showcase.

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It’s a hot, summer day, and we found a secret drink. Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Co is offering a secret menu beverage exclusively to Annual Passholders. This is the Lavender Lemon Drop is offered with or without alcohol, and is very refreshing.

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Today is the last day the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Trifle is available in the United Kingdom Pavilion.

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Peek a boo!

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We got to save the galaxy with the Guardians, and now we can take home the ride vehicle in magnet form. You can find this at Treasures of Xandar.

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Every month Salt & Straw changes up their Limited Edition flavors. We headed to Disney Springs to give all five a try.

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First, we tried a scoop of the Pink Rosé and Watermelon Sorbet. This was favorite of the flavors.

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Next up was the Baked Brie & Fig Cheesecake. The fig flavor was prominent.

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Third, we tried Deviled Egg Custard with Smoked Black Tea. This scoop had the most interesting flavor combination. If you love black tea, and smoked flavoring, you will love this.

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Fourth we tried Cinnamon & Honey Fried Chicken. This scoop had us the most intrigued from the beginning. The spiced vanilla ice cream was delicious, and the bits of fried chicken croissant added a buttery flavor.

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Lastly, we tried a scoop of Chocolate Nocino Cherry Pie. This scoop had flavors that all mixed really well together. The chocolate and cherry are a great match, and those flavors are then elevated further by the brandy. Do you have a favorite flavor?

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After all that ice cream, we took a stroll over to World of Disney. Your Disney nuiMOs can be ready for hurricane season in this new outfit.

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Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Wishables have finally arrived. Are you going to be scurrying in to squeeze these?

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Balloon wands are restocked at World of Disney. These are great for night time in the parks, or at home if you are missing the parks.

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A new 50th Anniversary Loungefly Backpack has arrived, and this one features park icons. You can find the monorail, Space Mountain, Millenium Falcon, and more stitched all over the bag.

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That’s all for us today. We hope you enjoyed our day around Walt Disney World, and we’ll see ya real soon!

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