‘Strange World’ To Feature First Openly Gay Teen Romance in Disney Animated Film

According to Matthieu Saghezchi on Twitter, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Strange World” will have the company’s first openly gay teen romance in a feature film.

Matthieu Saghezchi is an animation production designer who saw a sneak peek of “Strange World” at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival this morning.

The first teaser trailer and poster for “Strange World” were released earlier this month and it will hit theaters (or just Disney+ in some countries) on November 23.

Variety also reported on the film from Annecy this morning. Jaboukie Young-White will voice the teenage Ethan, who flirted with a boy named Diazo in one of the three sequences shown at the festival.

The film will also star Dennis Quaid as Ethan’s grandfather Jaeger Clade, Jake Gyllenhaal as his son Searcher, and Gabrielle Union as Ethan’s mom and Searcher’s wife Meridian. Lucy Liu will be Callisto Mal, the head of the film’s magical setting of Avalonea. As Diazo was not announced among the main characters, we can assume a romance between him and Ethan will not be a main plot of the film.

The other sequences shown at Annecy were an action scene in a cavern and Search exploring Avalonea with his dog.

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  1. Hasn’t Disney learned that adding wokeness into their movies lowers the box office earnings. Eternals did horrible while Spider Man soared. Top Gun: Maverick is still making tons of money and getting almost more guests than Lightyear (at least at the theatre I work at). Plus Lightyear being banned in 14 countries takes a toll on Box Office profits. Ridiculous

  2. Chapek is failing his fiduciary duty by letting political agendas run wild. They’re tanking franchises the company spent billions to buy (Star Wars), vandalizing classic park rides (Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain), lost Reedy Creek in a pointless political spat, got their newest movie banned in 14 countries including China, and continue to push their luck further every day. The damage to the company will be lasting, if not permanent, unless something changes at the top. If I was a shareholder, I would be furious.

  3. Just making a prediction here….but I am willing to bet a week’s paycheck that this is a box office flop. Anyone want to take me up on this?

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