Walt Disney World Restaurants Increase Side Dish Prices by 50%

Many Walt Disney World restaurants have increased the price of their standard sides, including french fries, by 50%.

Many sides have recently gone from $2.99 to $4.49. This is noticeable at quick-service restaurants that offer separate sides. French fries used to be $2.99 but are now $4.49.

We’ve seen frequent price increases at both quick-service and table-service restaurants recently. In January of this year, prices went up at almost every food and beverage location at Walt Disney World Resort.

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    1. It’s long past time to stop blaming solely him (but still include him in your vitriol). WTF has Josh D’Amaro been doing during all this, aside from expressing fake interest in guest “feedback”?

  1. The more Bob ‘Paycheck’ puts the prices up the less they sell! So they go up again and even less are sold! It’s a perpetual circle that Disney are too blind to see unless their aim is to shutter all quick service restaurants?

  2. Agreed Joe ! Until people
    Stop going and Chapek is fired everything will continue to go up and up. He doesn’t care he makes millions a year so he’s just fine. Chapek has to Geaux ! And take his arrogance with him 😡

  3. Prices continue to go up while quality and portion size go down.ibused to be okay with the inflated prices because you got a good portion and decent food. Sadly that is not the case anymore as they continue to try and squeeze every penny from their customers and just make the experience worse and worse (I’m looking at you Genie)

  4. might as well make it 9.49 people will be grumpy, but hunger will always win. just like gas. got to pay to ride. Charge it! its goin to be real interesting really fast

  5. Chapek is looking to increase every price, for every item, parks wide. Charging us more than ever, giving us less than ever in return. Paying Disney Security $16/hour? Did I read that right last month? Chapek is truly evil. People need to stop going to the parks until Chapek is fired. And at the very least, stop using the app people. Talk to the Cast Members at the parks, and the hotels. That app just saves Chapek labor costs, having us work for free for him.

    1. I wouldn’t say attendance is skyrocketing. There is currently a back log of trips due to the pandemic, on top of net new bookings. This will slowly but surely even out in 2022-2023, and there will eventually come a “break even” point where everyone who re-booked their trip has gone and everyone who wanted to go for the 50th has gone. Then we will truly see the NET attendance for Disney parks, in which many are saying will be in decline pre-pandemic. Price increases are continuously put in place to make up for lost attendance/revenue from 2020-2021. Disney may be in for real hard times.

  6. Disney portions are so small to begin with, they probably couldn’t shrinkflate it anymore than they have, so they had to do the regular inflation

  7. Post pandemic economy. Everything took a hit for a year. Now they are maki g up for their loss k owing people are excited to get out of the house!

  8. and this is exactly why we get a one bedroom dvc, bring our own groceries, and cook in room. maybe if enough of us do the same thing, cheapact will get the message? at the rate he is going, disney will become a penny stock.

  9. Bobby boy has dismantled disney into a downward spin nowhere the way it was but it my catch up to them he thinks American people r dumb but he can go join the current White House team

  10. Well it doesn’t matter how much will
    Will still
    Buy people will still go to the parks no matter how much it cost. They will still treat there cast members like crap pay them crap but people will still work there bc around here that’s where you work at also most work bc they can get into the park for free. Which that also has been cut with more and more black out days. It’s doesn’t matter what Disney charges people will go and spend the money on gas to drive there. Down here with all the people moving here you would not know the price of gas and food has gone up.

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