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Iconic Tower of Terror Billboard at Walt Disney World to Be Removed

The iconic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard featuring a falling elevator is set to be removed permanently.

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The billboard was repaired in 2021 after a long period where the elevator was stationary. However, just over a year later, it is now scheduled for removal.

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Will you miss this iconic landmark? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Yes I will miss it. Thought it was cool when it worked. I don’t like the direction Disney is headed. They just remove things and don’t replace it with something else. Disney is close to being not the happiest place on earth. It’s just sad.

  2. Just another cool thing going away. Always cool to see those billboards when we arrived to WDW. This regime is the worst

  3. Wow. The continued dismantling of Walt Disney World. Won’t be long before it’s just an amusement park. Sad! Bring this statement back before it’s too late —-
    “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

    It’s only about how fast and cheaply they can make money now.

  4. Yes we will miss it.Seems Corporate Disney (Chapek) loves to make Disney less appealing more and more!

  5. It’s just ridiculous now. ToT is still a thrilling, beloved ride and the billboard is beloved too, something from our childhood. The whole team from Chapek on down should be replaced with people who actually know and love WDW.

  6. Nothing is more iconic than the old E.T Universal Studios Billboards they used to have with the moving finger. but sad to see this go.

  7. Love that Tower of Terror sign and Tower is still one of my favorite rides at Disney. It is what it is though and I am sure Disney will put something up there that replaces it, equally as iconic and captivating as that billboard was.

  8. That is one of my favorite billboards for Disney. I will miss it like most of the things that they are changing and removing. It’s not like the Disney I grew up with.

  9. Why does it feel like Chapek is intentionally trying to alienate anyone who loved Disneyworld before he was CEO.

  10. This makes me SO sad!! I love this icon. It’s one of the things that I look forward to seeing during every trip and really makes me feel like I’m there.

  11. Stop 🛑 changing iconic things, we want to take our children, grandchildren to a place that we all have experienced as the happiest place on Earth, if you want to add new things fine, and stop 🛑 with keeping up with the world… woke… we go to Disney to get away from all the crap in this world, just to enjoy and be a innocent child again… live out a fantasy without having to deal with these worldly things going on around us . Keep the innocence 🙏 please… stop worrying about filling your pockets, please please and ty

  12. This makes me very sad. For many, Coming back and seeing things that folks remember is such an important part of the experience.

  13. I love seeing these kind of things on our way to Disney. We never see these kind of things. They should leave it alone people love seeing it there it’s apart of disney. They need to stop destroying the things we grew up with. Disney has changed so much and Walt Disney would be disappointed with the management and how Disney is destroying some of the magic.

  14. Sad sad day!!! Leave the billboard up!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
    It’s so cool and exciting to ride by and see it!!! LOVE TOT!!!

  15. Will we miss it? Yes.
    What comes next? The removal of the ride of course, WDW has lost it’s way.

  16. It’s about time. As others have pointed out, way before my time they say driving onto property to Magic Kingdom was other-worldly, not a bombardment of road signs and advertisements like in the outside world. This sign likely had a purpose to draw people to Disney-MGM at a time it had no thrill rides, and like many ‘temporary’ things at WDW, long overstayed its welcome. Also, no other single attraction has anything like this. I hope they plant some trees in its place.

  17. Just one of the many things I never get about Disney. They are all about making money, but waste money fixing a billboard, only to tear it down??? And yes, I will miss it along with all the other memories from my years visiting that they have ruined lately. Nothing surprises me anymore with Cheapsteak at the helm.

  18. Awwww….I love seeing that when we drive by! But I honestly do not like riding it, it scares me to death! Lol! But I sure hope this doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to re theme TOT!!!!!

  19. Un-DAM-believable!!! SMH! Disney did it again! Doesn’t surprise me. Ruined something that’s not hurting anything or anybody, all it needed was to make it move again to bring the smiles and excitement back in our lives. But they don’t give a crap about us! It’s ALL about the MONEY!!! You guys are just making all the wrong decisions! I’m SO glad I gave up my passes 2 years ago and will NEVER buy them again!!! I see Disney going down. I would LOVE to see everyone STOP going there!! GOOD LUCK!

  20. Suckers can now pay $15 a day for an AR camera filter of it on the app and probably not get a fast pass to the one ride that’s not broken down for the day.

    They closed the Great Movie ride but now the whole park looks like the Underworld. Hold on to your wallets and purses folks!

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