merch roundup 07.07.22

Merchandise Roundup 07/03/22: Lotso and Sulley Weighted Plush, Bo-Katan Electronic Helmet, Haunted Mansion PopGrips, and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for July 3, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. Today we visited Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios; let’s look at our discoveries.

Jasmine Otterbox Phone Case – $35.99

otterbox cases 8

This phone case by Otterbox features Princess Jasmine in front of the silhouette of the Agrabah palace.

otterbox cases 3

We found it in the iPhone 13 size.

otterbox cases 0
otterbox cases 1

This and the case below were in the Darkroom at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Minnie Mouse Otterbox Phone Case – $35.99

otterbox cases 9

This case is black with white polka-dots. Minnie, wearing a red bow, peeks out from the bottom.

otterbox cases 6

It’s also available for iPhone 13.

otterbox cases 7
otterbox cases 5

“Lightyear” Youth Tee – $19.99

lightyear merch 33 scaled

We found this “Lightyear” tee and the “Lightyear” toys below at Mickey’s of Hollywood.

lightyear merch 34 scaled

This shirt is black and features Buzz and Zurg on the front, with a spaceship launching behind them and the Star Command logo in the corner.

lightyear merch 35 scaled

The XL-15 logo is on one sleeve.

lightyear merch 36 scaled
lightyear merch 5 scaled

There is a new Buzz figure, Zurg figure, and space battle pack.

Laser Blade Buzz Lightyear Figure – $32.99

lightyear merch 11 scaled

This toy of Buzz has him in his classic white, green, and purple spacesuit.

lightyear merch 13 scaled

He is holding a laser blade.

lightyear merch 14 scaled

Squeezing his legs triggers movement.

lightyear merch 10 scaled

He has over thirty sounds and phrases.

lightyear merch 15 scaled
lightyear merch 12 scaled

Zurg Figure – $24.99

lightyear merch 0 scaled

Zurg looks like a large purple robot.

lightyear merch 1 scaled

His arms and legs are poseable.

lightyear merch 2 scaled
lightyear merch 7 scaled
lightyear merch 9 scaled
lightyear merch 8 scaled

“Lightyear” Space Battle Pack – $39.99

lightyear merch 24 scaled

This pack includes two spaceships and small figures of Zurg and Buzz.

lightyear merch 19 scaled

The large purple ship is Zurg’s, while the smaller white one is Buzz’s.

lightyear merch 18 scaled

Zurg’s ship can shoot green torpedoes.

lightyear merch 22 scaled

The figures can actually sit inside their respective ship cockpits.

lightyear merch 21 scaled
lightyear merch 25 scaled
lightyear merch 23 scaled
lightyear merch 17 scaled

Darby Steel Figure – $

lightyear merch 29 scaled

Darby Steel is a character in “Lightyear.” She wears green armor. Her figure comes with a large gun and a laser sword.

lightyear merch 32 scaled
lightyear merch 30 scaled

This Alpha Class figure also includes her helmet, which is removable.

lightyear merch 31 scaled

The figure is poseable too.

lightyear merch 27 scaled

“Lightyear” Bottle – $19.99

bottles 8 scaled

Over at World of Disney in Disney Springs, we found this “Lightyear” bottle.

bottles 7 scaled

Buzz is pictured in different poses on the sides, against a black starry background.

bottles 6 scaled

His name is above him, and there are various Star Command logos pictured around him.

bottles 11 scaled
bottles 10 scaled

The lid is green with an orange strap and orange flip-up straw.

bottles 5 scaled

“Lightyear” Watch – $64.99

lightyear watch 24 scaled

Also at World of Disney was this “Lightyear” watch.

lightyear watch 25 scaled

Buzz is against a blue background on the face. The minute numbers are around the edge.

lightyear watch 23 scaled
lightyear watch 27 scaled

Bo-Katan Kryze Helmet – $139.99

bo katan helmet 1

This new electronic helmet is inspired by the one worn by Bo-Katan Kryze in “The Mandalorian.”

bo katan helmet 5

The helmet is blue, white, and silver.

bo katan helmet 2

It has a flip-down illuminated hud with LED lights.

bo katan helmet 4

This is part of the “Star Wars” Black Series.

bo katan helmet

This is also available at Disneyland.

“Soul” Denim Jacket – $69.99

soul jacket 1

In Legends of Hollywood, we found this denim jacket inspired by “Soul.”

soul jacket 2

A yellow patch on the left shoulder features Joe Gardner.

soul jacket
soul jacket 3

One sleeve features a red and yellow cello.

soul jacket 4

A saxophone and piano keyboard are in a light pink patch at the bottom.

soul jacket 6

A panel on the center back of the jacket reads, “Love your life.”

soul jacket 5

It also features a saxophone, keyboard, and Joe.

Walt Disney World Tee – $24.99

wdw tee 8

This grey t-shirt was in Once Upon a Time, also at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

wdw tee 9

It reads “Walt Disney World” in colorful slanted letters. The retro “D” logo with a globe Mickey head is in white.

wdw tee 7

The back is blank.

fourth minnie and mickey plush 6

These patriotic Mickey and Minnie plush were in Once Upon a Time. We also spotted them at Creations Shop in EPCOT.

Mickey Fourth of July Plush – $24.99

fourth minnie and mickey plush 2

Mickey is wearing a blue shirt covered in white stars and red shorts.

fourth minnie and mickey plush 7

His usually black fur is instead a dark blue.

Minnie Fourth of July Plush – $24.99

fourth minnie and mickey plush 3

Minnie’s wearing a matching outfit, including a star-covered bow.

fourth minnie and mickey plush 1

The top of her dress is blue, and the skirt is striped red and white.

fourth minnie and mickey plush

Disney nuiMOs Rollerskates – $12.99

nuimos skates

Your Disney nuiMOs plush can rollerskate with you thanks to these new skates.

nuimos skates 2

They are teal green with orange laces and orange wheels.

nuimos skates 3

We found these in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

The Haunted Mansion PopGrips – $34.99

haunted mansion pop sockets 6

This set includes two Haunted Mansion-inspired PopGrips.

haunted mansion pop sockets 3

These grips can be used to hold your phone or stand it up.

haunted mansion pop sockets

This grip is purple with the eye pattern from the Haunted Mansion’s wallpaper.

haunted mansion pop sockets 5

The second grip features Madame Leota’s ghostly face. Sequins swirl around inside the grip.

haunted mansion pop sockets 1

The Madame Leota PopGrip is thicker than the wallpaper one.

haunted mansion pop sockets 2
haunted mansion pop sockets 4

Instructions for installing and using the PopGrips are on the packaging. This was in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

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Weighted Sulley Plush – $39.99

weighted sulley plush 5

Also in the Emporium was this adorable Sulley plush.

weighted sulley plush

Sulley has a small smile on his face.

weighted sulley plush 4

He’s covered in soft fur and purple polka-dots.

weighted sulley plush 2

This plush is weighted to help with anxiety and other conditions.

weighted sulley plush 1
weighted sulley plush 3
weighted sulley plush 6

He has a 2.5 pound weight inside, but it can also be removed.

Minnie Mouse PopWallet+ – $29.99

minnie popwallet 1

This can attach to your phone to be used as both a wallet and a PopGrip.

minnie popwallet

It looks like denim and is patterned with Minnie heads.

minnie popwallet 3

Minnie’s face is larger on the black grip.

minnie popwallet 2

Mickey Backpack – $24.99

wdw backpack 9

This backpack does not have a drawstring at the top.

wdw backpack 7

It has grey straps and grey edges.

wdw backpack 4

“Walt Disney World” is embroidered along the bottom.

wdw backpack 6

The rest of the bag has a white and grey diamond pattern with colorful images of Mickey, Mickey ear hats, and Cinderella Castle.

wdw backpack 10

There are also subtle fireworks and stars.

wdw backpack 8

There is a small velcro pocket inside.

wdw backpack 11

This was also in the Emporium.

Disney nuiMOs Pride Spirit Jersey – $21.99

nuimos pride spirit jersey 1

Your Disney nuiMOs plush can also celebrate Pride with this Spirit Jersey. It is white with an all-over rainbow pattern of Mickey heads.

nuimos pride spirit jersey 3

“Walt Disney World” is along the back in red. The Walt Disney World logo is on the front.

nuimos pride spirit jersey 2

This, the backpack, and the tumbler below were all in the Emporium.

Pride Backpack – $39.99

pride backpack 1

This backpack is made with a denim-like material.

pride backpack

A rainbow Mickey is on the front.

pride backpack 2

“Walt Disney World” is embroidered in white across him.

pride backpack 7

There is a small pocket on the front with the Disney Pride Collection logo.

pride backpack 4
pride backpack 5

It has mesh pockets on the sides.

pride backpack 8
pride backpack 6

There are small pockets inside.

Pixar Pride Tumbler – $

bottles 35

This stainless steel tumbler is also part of the Disney Pride Collection.

bottles 39
bottles 36

One side features various Pixar character silhouettes in rainbow circles.

bottles 37

The characters are Mr. Incredible, Nemo, Woody, Mike, Sadness, and Princess Atta.

bottles 40

The other side simply reads “Pixar” in a rainbow ombre.

bottles 42

The bottle is otherwise black.

bottles 41
bottles 43

The lid has a translucent purple straw and a purple stripe.

bottles 38

frontier trading post

Pixar Pride Magnet – $14.99

pride merch 2

This matching magnet was in Frontier Trading Post.

pride merch 0

It features the same Pixar characters in a rainbow ombre against a black background.

pride merch 4

We also found rainbow AirPods cases at Frontier Trading Post. They are all transparent with black lobster claw clips.

Mickey Heart Pride AirPods Case – $19.99

pride merch 5

This first one has a rainbow Mickey heart.

pride merch 7

Pixar Pride AirPods Case – $19.99

pride merch 8

This one has the same design as the magnet but against a transparent background.

pride merch 9

This one has a horizontal orientation.

Pride AirPods Case – $19.99

pride merch 13

And this case is the same as above but in a vertical orientation.

pride merch 12

MaDe Pride AirPods Cases – $19.99+

pride made merch 11

Pride AirPods cases are also available in MaDe kiosks.

pride made merch 7

The same Pixar design and Mickey heart design are available.

pride made merch 8
pride made merch 9

There is also a “Star Wars” design with rainbow stripes coming from various “Star Wars” symbols.

pride made merch 10

Another AirPods case features half of the Empire logo and half of the Rebel Alliance logo in rainbow.

pride made merch 17

The same designs are available in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

pride made merch 13
pride made merch 14
pride made merch 15
pride made merch 16

MaDe Pride Phone Cases – $29.99+

pride made merch 0

A Pixar Pride phone case is also available in MaDe kiosks.

pride made merch 1
pride made merch 2
pride made merch 3

Another phone case reads “Belong, believe, be proud” among rainbow stripes, with a Mickey head at the center.

MaDe Pixar Pride Magnets – $14.99+

pride made merch 4

There are two Pixar Pride magnets available through MaDe.

pride made merch 6

One features the same rainbow of characters.

pride made merch 5

The other features Luxo Jr. and the Pixar ball in a rainbow.

Princesses Water Bottle – $19.99

bottles 12

Next up, we found this Disney Princess water bottle at World of Disney.

bottles 19
bottles 16

It features several Princesses and their sidekicks, including Belle and Chip, Rapunzel and Pascal, Tiana, Moana, and Mulan.

bottles 17

It has phrases like “Sail on” and “Be true, be you.”

bottles 20
bottles 18

The lid is pink with a strap and flip-up straw.

bottles 14
bottles 15

Mickey Tumbler – $24.99

mickey tumbler 0

This shiny red tumbler features Mickey and Minnie as they appeared in various classic short films, including “Plane Crazy.”

mickey tumbler 4
mickey tumbler 2
mickey tumbler 3

This was in World of Disney and the Emporium.

Lotso Weighted Plush – $29.99

weighted lotso plush 33

Keep calm with this weighted Lotso plush.

weighted lotso plush 31
weighted lotso plush 30

This cute pink bear has a 1.5 pound weight inside.

weighted lotso plush 32
weighted lotso plush 34
weighted lotso plush 28

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