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Construction Continues on Classic Monsters Ride, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Coaster, and More at Universal’s New Epic Universe Theme Park

Bioreconstruct on Twitter has shared more aerial photos of construction of Epic Universe, a new theme park coming soon to Universal Orlando Resort.

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Source: bioreconstruct

The rumored lands for Epic Universe are Super Nintendo World, a Classic Monsters land, a third Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and a “How to Train Your Dragon” land.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 2
Source: bioreconstruct

The Ministry of Magic is being constructed in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Right now, it is mostly a framework, but there is some paneling on the top.

There are multiple cranes around the structure. As bioreconstruct points out, the yellow crane seems to be lowering steel into a large open area of the building.

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 3
Source: bioreconstruct

Here’s a look at the structure from the side.

How To Train Your Dragon

The “How to Train Your Dragon” land will have a roller coaster. The coaster will dip in and out of the land, including through a concrete trough to the right of the photo above.

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 4
Source: bioreconstruct

Supports for the coaster have been installed (some visible in the left corner of the photo above), but there is no coaster track yet.

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 5
Source: bioreconstruct

The concrete trough is yellow on the outside. Supports are visible inside of it. The trough sits in a shallow trench in the ground.

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 6
Source: bioreconstruct

More track supports are in this curved area, where the coaster will take a turn.


A large lake will be at the corner of Epic Universe, next to the in-park hotel. A peninsula cuts more than halfway through the lake, perhaps as a launch site for fireworks.

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 9
Source: bioreconstruct

The white circle at the center of the park will eventually have a fountain, directly in front of the hotel.

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 8
Source: bioreconstruct

An attraction thought to be a carousel will be next to the fountain.

There will also be a small pond here.

The four lands branch out from the fountain.

Construction is underway on a structure next to the fountain and the Classic Monsters land.

It doesn’t seem to be part of the land.

Classic Monsters Land

Red net fencing surrounds construction in the Classic Monsters land.

The main attraction of the Classic Monsters land is thought to be a mansion. In the photo above, bioreconstruct labels the entrance, atrium, tree location, and possible two ride routes.

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 10
Source: bioreconstruct

Like the Ministry of Magic, this building is still mostly just a framework.

epic universe aerial bioreconstruct 11
Source: bioreconstruct

There are two concrete bases in the building, pointing to the two possible ride routes.


Of course, work is also underway in the backstage areas of Epic Universe. Above is the Team Member parking lot and concrete base of a warehouse, next to Sand Lake Road.

A Team Member building is under construction behind the Ministry of Magic building.

Walls with windows and doors have been erected, but no roofs yet.

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