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Merchandise Roundup 07/23/2022: New Grogu Shoulder Plush, Pet Apparel, Big Feet Bolt, and More

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Welcome to the merchandise roundup for July 24, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. This week we visited Disney Springs, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort; let’s look at our discoveries.

Pride Pet Tee – $24.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 32

A new pet shirt is now available as part of the Disney Pride Collection.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 28

The shirt comes in many different sizes.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 29

It’s light heather grey.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 30

A rainbow Mickey is on the front. The word “Love” is in black across him.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 33

This and the vest below were in the DisneyTails section of Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs.

“Lightyear” Pet Vest – $34.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 57

This puffy vest is black with a blue stripe down the back.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 60

There’s a hole in the stripe for a leash to go through.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 61

A Star Command patch is on the back.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 59

It has velcro straps around the neck and chest.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 58

Big Foot Bolt – $29.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 34

The latest “Big Feet” plush is of Bolt, the eponymous white dog from Disney’s “Bolt.”

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 41

He has brown eyes and light pink ears.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 39

His collar is brown with a soft golden tag.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 42
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 35
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 36
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 37

His silver bolt is embroidered on his back.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 40
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 38

This was in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Talking Shoulder Grogu Plush – $24.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 44 scaled

This is a redesign of the Grogu “Baby Yoda” shoulder plush, first released in 2020.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 50 scaled

We have to say; this version is cuter. Grogu is smiling, and his eyes have bright spots in them. He’s wearing his brown robe.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 46 scaled

Plus, he “talks.” When you press on his belly, he makes squeaking sounds.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 51 scaled
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 45 scaled
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 48 scaled
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 47 scaled
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 52 scaled

To use the shoulder plush, place the included magnetic pad under your shirt and then stick Grogu on top.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 53 scaled

This and the “Star Wars” shirt below were also in World of Disney.

Stormtrooper Comic Tee – $29.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 56

This shirt is tie-dyed grey and white.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 55

The front features a sketched comic of a Stormtrooper playing fetch with an AT-AT.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 54

Youth “The Mandalorian” Crocs – $69.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 87

These crocs are green, grey, and black camo patterned.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 88

Each side has different charms. This side has a Mandalorian helmet and the show’s title in orange.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 90

The other side has the Mythosaur skull, Din Djarin’s signet, the Star Wars logo, and Grogu.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 91
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 92
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 93

“Sleeping Beauty” Cup – $19.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 85

This cup is inspired by the famous scene in which the two fairies fight over what color to make Aurora’s dress. “Make it pink! Make it blue!” is written in metallic foil on one side.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 82
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 79

The other has the three fairies flying about.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 80

The lid is pink, and the straw is blue.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 83

The cup itself is a gradient of blue and pink.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 84

Chip ‘n’ Dale Long-Sleeved Shirt – $39.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 62

We found this cute outfit at Disney Style!

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 65

The front of the shirt says, “Chip n’ Dale” in 70’s script. The chipmunks’ heads are just below.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 64

The sleeves have purple and pink stripes.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Shorts – $36.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 66

The matching pants have a pink drawstring.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 69

The bottom left corner features the Chipmunks again.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 67

Cinderella Ornament – $24.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130922.369 scaled

We found this magical ornament at Days of Christmas in Disney Springs.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 99 scaled

It features Cinderella in her blue gown, running down the steps.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130924.492 scaled

Her glass slipper sits abandoned on the steps behind her.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 100 scaled

Cinderella’s sigil is on the other side of the stairs.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130923.311 scaled

The blue string is attached to the rump of her dress.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130926.891 scaled

“Ratatouille” 15th Anniversary Ornament – $24.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130934.049

Another ornament we found at Days of Christmas is inspired by “Ratatouille.”

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130928.487

Remy polishes off his famous dish with a bit of herbs.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130948.576

“La Ratatouille” is on the side of the plate.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130929.794
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130947.810

A gold medallion with the number “15” hangs from the string to celebrate 15 years since the movie’s release.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T130946.949

Stitch Bottle – $9.99

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 0

The cute Stitch water bottle was found at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 2

The sides show Stitch in various poses.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 3

The side shows him surfing!

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 4

Below the designs of Stitch are various surfboards.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 5

The top is blue and dark blue, just like Stitch!

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 6

Stitch Tee – $36.99

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 7

This simple tee from the Emporium actually hides quite a few adorable scenes and sketches! Let’s dive in and take a closer look!

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 8

Stitch’s face is embroidered in blue on the breast.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 9

The blue stripes wrap around the front and back.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 10

The scenes hidden in the stripes are of Stitch surfing and using a paddle boat.

Winnie the Pooh Cookie Jar – $54.99

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 11

This flowery cookie jar is another find from the Emporium.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 12

The cookie jar is in the shape of Winnie the Pooh.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 13

The head can be removed to place cookies within.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 14

The floral pattern is dotted with bees.

Tigger Cake Stand – $44.99

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 15

Along with the cookie jar, we spotted a cake stand at the Emporium!

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 18

Tigger waits underneath, ready to pounce.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 20

The top of the stand reads, “Oh Tigger, where are your manners?”

“Alice in Wonderland” Color-Changing Stoneware Mug – $19.99

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 24

We found this mug in a truly strange place, Star Traders! What did you expect? Wonderland?

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 23

Perhaps not as strange as wonderland, but this mug does have some unique features.

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merchandise roundup 07.21.22 25

The Cheshire Cat will change color when hot water is added to the mug!

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 27

The sides are covered in “Alice in Wonderland” references, from talking flowers to spinning teacups and more.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 22

The interior of the cup is a pale green.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 21
merchandise roundup 07.21.22 26

Minnie Tommy Bahama Tee – $70

tommy bahama apparel 0

This shirt is white with Minnie Mouse and pink tropical flowers on the front.

tommy bahama apparel 1

Minnie wears a pink flower in her hair, which matches her skirt and sandals.

This shirt and the Tommy Bahama dress below were in Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar (the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop) alongside the new Jungle Cruise shirt.

Mickey & Friends Tommy Bahama Dress – $150

tommy bahama apparel 7

The dress is patterned all over with green leaves, pink flowers, Mickey, Minnie, and Donald.

tommy bahama apparel 6
tommy bahama apparel 4

The characters are all wearing outfits perfect for the beach. Donald even has sunglasses.

tommy bahama apparel 2
tommy bahama apparel 3

The dress has a small keyhole back, with a white button.

Minnie Mouse MagicBand – $29.99

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 32

You can grab this cute Minnie Mouse MagicBand from Pin Traders in EPCOT.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 30

Four designs of Minnie Mouse repeat on the sides, two where she is side-eying you, another laughing, and the last with her eyes closed.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 31

Mickey and Minnie EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival Towels – $21.99

chef mickey festival merch 4

These cute towels can be purchased from the Festival Market Booth.

chef mickey festival merch 5

This towel shows an embroidered image of Minnie and Mickey making a toast and eating snacks in front of Spaceship Earth.

chef mickey festival merch 6

The other towel is a random pattern of Minnie and Mickey doing various cooking activities, like making a pizza and grilling!

chef mickey festival merch 7
chef mickey festival merch 8

Chef Mickey Apron – $29.99

chef mickey festival merch 9

We also found this apron at the Festival Market Booth.

chef mickey festival merch 10

It is charcoal grey with purple straps. The front reads, “Behold The Grill Master,” with an image of Mickey Mouse cooking some hot dogs.

chef mickey festival merch 11
chef mickey festival merch 12

Hercules 25th Anniversary Mug – $22.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T144950.282

Bless my soul! Herc is on a mug! They put his face on every vase — on every mug and amphora too!

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T144947.810

One side shows Hercules posing while the other shows him fighting the Hydra.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T144946.763

The lip of the cup reads, “25th Anniversary.” One sip from this will bring you from zero to hero in no time.

This and the mug below were in the Emporium.

Hunny Pot Color-Changing Mug – $19.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T144842.266

This mug resembles a blue beehive, with “Hunny” on the side.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T144837.628

The bees actually change color once a hot liquid is poured into the cup!

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T144835.905

The interior is honey yellow.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T144846.064

Legacy Collection Bambi Ornament – $24.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T145751.540

This lovely ornament was found at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T145744.894
Image from iOS 2022 07 23T145746.527

Inside the glass dome, Bambi and Faline stand proudly side by side as adults.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T145748.283
Image from iOS 2022 07 23T145749.939

The gold medallion reminds us that 80 years have passed since this movie was released.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T145754.253
Image from iOS 2022 07 23T145755.812

The rock on which they stand is covered in grass and blue cornflowers.

MaDe Phone Cases – $29.99+

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150045.366

Guests can make a variety of new phone cases inspired by “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Toy Story” in MaDe kiosks. The first of these cases is an image of King Valkyrie on her winged horse with “All Hail King Valkyrie” below. The second case is a print of Buzz, Woody, and other “Toy Story” characters in primary colors.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150050.175

The next case is symbols and stamps from “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150051.934

The Mighty Thor gets her own red phone case and Mjolnir symbol.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150053.177

The ordinary less-cool Thor also gets his own blue phone case with a Stormbreaker symbol.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150101.791

All these cases can be made custom from any MaDe Kiosk.

Winnie the Pooh Spoon Rest – $14.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150451.414

Keep your kitchen clean with a Winnie the Pooh spoon rest from Bay View Gifts at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150456.598
Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150452.430

The wooden spoon holder shows a wood-burned Pooh hanging from a bunch of balloons.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150453.508

Buzz Lightyear Hat – $24.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150707.163

This tie-dyed green and white hat features Buzz Lightyear taking off. You can purchase this cap from Fantasia Gifts.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150703.332

A green border goes around the cap’s rim.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150704.999

A Toy Story Land logo is attached to the side.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T150705.982

The bottom of the cap’s rim is bright yellow.

Stitch Button-Down – $59.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151312.146

You can find this cute button-down at World of Disney in Disney Springs.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151320.023

There is a pocket on the front, and the buttons are brown.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151322.618

The design features Stitch relaxing outside Hawaiian homes and surfing on the ocean.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151313.547
Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151325.286

Look at Stitch playing the guitar in this image! So cute!

“Full of Spirit” Zero Shirt – $19.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151502.723

This plain black tee shows Zero from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151505.518

Above Zero are the words “Full of spirit” in orange. “Walt Disney World” is below.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151503.954

This was also in World of Disney.

Grumpy “Nope” Mug – $19.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151600.262

This white mug shows Grumpy the Dwarf storming off with his nose up in the air. You can find this one at World of Disney as well.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151558.973

The other side reads, “Nope.”

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151602.025

The top is a sealable reddish brown lid.

Tiana Water Bottle – $19.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151712.147

This lovely water bottle features one of the greatest Disney Princess carrying a plate of beignets. It can be found at World of Disney.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151711.088

Around her are water lilies, trumpets, and more delicious food.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151713.626

The other side shows Tiana and Naveen as frogs along with their friend Ray the Lightning Bug.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151715.770
Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151717.059

The lid is pink with a green strap and drinking straw.

Mickey Mouse Youth Crocs – $44.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151807.285

These gray crocs can also be found at World of Disney. They are fairly simple and mute but overall pretty cute.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151809.369

“Happy” is written in various colors over the front of the crocs. A lounging Mickey button sits on both sides.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151810.842

The edges are a comforting shade of blue.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151813.441
Image from iOS 2022 07 23T151812.154

The bottoms are also gray.

Woody Toy Story Land Pin – $12.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T152103.370

This pin shows Woody leaning against the Toy Story Land sign atop a few building blocks.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T152104.367

This pin and the following three can all be found at Disney Pin Traders in Disney Springs.

Alien Toy Story Land Pin – $9.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T152114.004

This design is a bit more simple; the green alien is being picked up by The Claw. The top reads, “Toy Story Land.”

“Let’s Play,” Sarge Says Pin – $9.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T152115.835

This pin is so green you can’t miss it! The toy soldiers want to play!

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T152115.835 1

Slinky-Dog DASH Pin – $12.99

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T152120.883

This pin is perfect for commemorating anyone’s first time on Slinky Dog Dash!

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T152122.034

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