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We Watched Disney Enchantment Fireworks with Our MagicBand+ and The Results Were Not Great

As a part of the update that came out yesterday for the MagicBand+, the band now reacts to firework shows by glowing and changing color, in theory much like the Made with Magic and Glow with the Show technology of years ago. We stuck around Magic Kingdom last night to watch Disney Enchantment and witnessed our MagicBand+ do “something”, albeit a little delayed.

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The MagicBand+ glowed blue for the song, “Into the Unknown” which matches the castle. Previously in our testing, the MagicBand+ would just glow random colors during the show but now it lights up at specific moments as to not distract.

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It also glowed light blue.

magicBand fireworks 2

At some points it seemed to try and match the fireworks too, however, this feature was pretty delayed. We figure that more updates will some out to make the show more synchronized, but perhaps we are expecting too much?

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Disney Enchantment with MagicBand+

The MagicBand+ glowed orange after the show.

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After the show, the MagicBand+ stayed orange for several minutes before returning to its normal color.

Hopefully this isn’t the finished product, because if it is, it is way less impressive than what Disney achieved over 10 years ago with similar technology.

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  1. You guys are so hypocritical. It’s not even released to the public yet and also I haven’t seen anything synchronize to a nighttime show before. There’s other things to be upset about like Genie, crowds, price hikes etc

  2. What were you expecting? I have learned over the years Disney over promises but leaves everything they do underwhelming. Also, don’t try to use something before it is to be released just so you can have a click bait article thats half assed.

    1. I get the Disney overpromising comment, but given that the bands go on sale tomorrow and that interactivity is one of the selling points, calling this article “click” bait is a bit unnecessary. (BTW, “click” is the word you’re looking for. CLICK bait. Not um… what you wrote.:)

    2. It’s out tomorrow. They updated the app. Don’t pretend like the day before is “too” early. WDWNT does what it needs to do. Disney’s running their business for profit so when the do stuff so underwhelming… hell we’ve had ears/wristbands and other interactive stuff for years… far cheaper.

    3. Agreed!! This is the second or third article where you said negative things about mb+. It hasnt been officially released yet!! Irresponsible reporting just so you can be the first to review

  3. Mediocre band performance for a fireworks show that truly sucks. I won’t be buying one or watching Disappointment. Oops, enchantment. 🤣

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