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REVIEW: Everglazed Debuts New Raspberry Goat Cheese and Chili-Lime-Peanut Butter Donuts at Disney Springs

We stopped at Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew in Disney Springs to try the newest donuts put on the shelf: the Thailicious and the Black Raspberry Beret. We came for unusual flavors and Everglazed did not disappoint — nor did they last time. That being said, these donuts aren’t for everyone.

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Black Raspberry Beret – $5.75

Goat Cheese Raspberry Icing, Frosted Flakes, and Black Raspberry Filling.

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This donut was delicious, don’t believe us? Ask the dishes! (Or this case, a clear plastic box.)

This donut finds the perfect balance of sweetness with the raspberry goat cheese frosting. The goat cheese makes the frosting creamy and rich while the raspberry adds a hint of sweetness.

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The toppings are a tad over-the-top, but what else would you expect from Everglazed? The frosted flakes were a cute addition but kind of chewy. The raspberries, blackberries, and mint leaf were deliciously refreshing.

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The filling was black raspberry. It was tart enough to cut through the sweetness in the glaze and overall just made the dessert amazing. We would definitely go with this option again and again.

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Thailicious – $5.75

Spicy Chili-Lime-PB, Grilled Pineapple, and Sesame Seeds

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We’ll be the first to admit this donut does not exactly look appetizing. But the flavor was surprisingly good!

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The orange frosting on top was a decicious combinated of sweet peanut butter and spicy chili-lime. The gray glaze had a vanilla flavor that leached into the grilled pineapple, giving it a sickly sweet taste. Maybe it had been sitting out too long, but we couldn’t really taste the pineapple.

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The sesame seeds added the perfect, little crunch to the donut which tipped it over the edge of sweet into the savory domain. We might even consider this as a snack instead of a dessert! We probably wouldn’t get this donut again as we prefer them on the sweeter side, but lovers of Thai food will certainly want to stop by.

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Let us know what you think of the flavors in the comments below!

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