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Disney Blames Lower Ticket Revenue on ‘Unfavorable Attendance Mix’ at Disneyland

Disney Parks posted 70% increase in revenue for the third quarter of 2022 but is still claiming to have been affected by an “unfavorable attendance mix.”

The earnings report released today claims that per capita ticket revenue was up due to Genie+ and Lightning Lane, but offset by Disneyland attendance. This is likely in reference to the Magic Key Pass program, which is the west coast equivalent of an Annual Pass.

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The program is currently in question as most Magic Key passes are set to expire soon and no details on renewal have been given.

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    1. Revenue is down because they have made it nearly impossible for families to go. We were annual passholders for more than a decade.. but with pass and ticket prices so high and the elimination of the fast pass system, we no longer go. We chose a more affordable theme park pass (a competitor). I’m nostalgic for the old days of Disney, but they are greedy and do not care about their core fans.

  1. They reported $7 billion in revenue for Q3 …alone. Yet, Chapek cries poor because he is fueled by greed, along with this regime he’s installed, after firing the entire Iger regime. He really is Dr. Evil. Wait til everyone goes through their lockdown savings, kids go back to school. Keep trying to raise prices. How about you take the billions you make in a matter of 3 months and pay your Cast Members a living, dignified wage? Chapek’s salary was doubled in 2021 by the board. The entire Disney executive team and board are disgraceful. Walt would be horrified. It’s too bad Chapek was able to cheat his way past the 5 successors that Iger picked, to clench the top seat.

  2. People have so many alternatives now without breaking the bank. Disney does not realize that they have theme parks that have admission prices that are nearly 1/2 the price even more; they are slowly out pricing the middle class; why go to Disney at 150.00 a person when you can go to Knotts/Seaworld and some days Universal for 1/2 the price. Disney got greedy and this simply shows the consequences; no middle income family has 600.00 + just on admission alone for a day at the park

  3. I’ve been planning a trip to Disneyland these last few months but every time I go online I noticed one of the rides are closed prices are going up it’s always something preventing me from going. My daughter’s now 6 years old and she has never been to Disneyland we’re a big family of five when Disney makes it difficult for us big families to visit. I hope the lower price is soon prices soon.

  4. Great PR tactic Bob, when revenue is down say you want different customers.

    Seems the customers he wants are ones that do the exact opposite of him, spend lots of money.

  5. Disney isn’t what it used to be. The latest iteration of the mouse is all about greed. A burger cost me 30$ last time I went. Rather go Universal.

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