Disney Parks Revenue Rises 70% in Third Quarter of 2022

Matthew Soberman

Disney Parks Revenue Rises 70% in Third Quarter of 2022

Disney Parks, Products, and Experiences made a revenue of $7.4 billion in the third fiscal quarter of 2022, as the company revealed in its quarterly earnings report on Wednesday.

In the second quarter of 2022, the parks earned $6.7 billion in revenue.

The fiscal quarter covers April, May, and June, as spring and early summer crowds visited.

Overall, The Walt Disney Company posted a revenue of $21.5 billion for Q3 2022.

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  1. sounds just great matthew. until you consider two things. that park attendance is down significally and that prices have gone way up. eh? or are these truths about the matter too much to handle. we feel in love with disney for what it was. NOT what it has become. so try to spin that. remember, us old folks have the money to spend for what disney is today. i bet the “friends”/ guests that spend the most are in the retirement range and disney is pretending they can make it on young families that can barely afford the groceries for their families on the plane fair to even get there. yep, great news. to whom?

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