NEW Ghost Ear Headband, ‘The Skeleton Dance’ Apparel, and More Halloween Merchandise Available at Disneyland Resort

Matthew Soberman

NEW Ghost Ear Headband, ‘The Skeleton Dance’ Apparel, and More Halloween Merchandise Available at Disneyland Resort

New Halloween merchandise, including a Minnie ear headband, has arrived at Disneyland Resort. We found the ear headband at the Disneyland newsstand and in the Emporium. Most of the other merchandise was also in the Emporium.

Halloween Minnie Ear Headband – $29.99

halloween minnie ear headband dl 2

The ears are pleather. The orange bow in the center is double-layered, with the lower layer covered in sequins. A ghost wearing a Mickey ear hat is at the center of the bow.

halloween minnie ear headband dl 3

The ears are covered in more ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, spell books, and more Halloween imagery.

halloween minnie ear headband dl 4
halloween minnie ear headband dl 5

The headband is black and “Boo!” is embroidered on one side.

Disneyland Resort Halloween Onesie – $19.99

halloween onesie dl 1

This onesie is orange and reads “Boo!” across a ghost wearing Mickey ears.

halloween onesie dl 2

It buttons up the back.

Halloween Youth Zippered Hoodie – $39.99

halloween youth hoodie dl 1

This hoodie has an all-over print featuring Halloween items and Mickey and friends.

halloween youth hoodie dl 2

The zipper is black.

halloween youth hoodie dl 4
halloween youth hoodie dl 3

The interior is also black.

The Skeleton Dance Bucket Hat – $29.99

skeleton dance bucket hat dl 1

These next few items are inspired by “The Skeleton Dance,” a 1929 animated Disney short. Four skeletons dance across the front of the bucket hat, which is black and white.

skeleton dance bucket hat dl 2

The back features the opening title of “The Skeleton Dance,” which reads:

Disney cartoons present a Silly Symphony “The Skeleton Dance

skeleton dance bucket hat dl 3

The Skeleton Dance Shot Glass – $9.99

skeleton dance shot glass dl 2

The shot glass features the skeletons too.

skeleton dance shot glass dl 1
skeleton dance shot glass dl 3
skeleton dance shot glass dl 4

The Skeleton Dance Button-Down Shirt – $59.99

skeleton dance button down shirt 1

The shirt is black, with blocks featuring different frames from the Silly Symphony.

skeleton dance button down shirt 2

Pet Pumpkin Costume – $39.99

halloween dl merch 2022 091755

This pet costume is orange with green leaves around the neck. It has two plush Mickey pumpkins on the back. The hole below the neck is for a leash to go through.

halloween dl merch 2022 091803

It has glow-in-the-dark accents, perfect for taking your pet out trick-or-treating at night.

halloween dl merch 2022 091808

The costume has two velcro straps on the underside.

Halloween Tea Towel – $19.99

halloween dl merch 2022 091852

This tea towel is black, with subtle spiderweb patterns.

halloween dl merch 2022 091859

Patches of a ghost wearing Mickey ears, a Mickey jack-o’-lantern, and “Boo!” are on one end.

halloween dl merch 2022 091902

The rest of the towel is printed with ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, skulls, birds, and candy.

halloween dl merch 2022 091937

“Star Wars” Halloween Droids Youth Tee – $19.99

halloween dl merch 2022 093830

This black T-shirt features a row of Halloween-inspired droids across the chest. A candy corn piece with the “Star Wars” logo in the center is at the bottom.

halloween dl merch 2022 093836

The droids are just like the droid figures available separately. “Spooky” is above them.

halloween dl merch 2022 093839

“Star Wars” Halloween Droids Reversible Youth Hoodie – $46.99

halloween dl merch 2022 093940

The same droids are featured on this heather grey hoodie.

halloween dl merch 2022 093945

The front has droids in pairs on the left breast and right pocket.

halloween dl merch 2022 093947
halloween dl merch 2022 093954
halloween dl merch 2022 094018

The other side of the hoodie has an all-over print of droids against a spiderweb background.

halloween dl merch 2022 094031
halloween dl merch 2022 094035
halloween dl merch 2022 094115

It’s fully reversible.

halloween dl merch 2022 094126
halloween dl merch 2022 094142

“Star Wars” Grogu Halloween Doormat – $39.99

halloween dl merch 2022 095016

The doormat features Grogu (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) with a pumpkin full of candy. He’s accompanied by a spider, frogs, and candy.

halloween dl merch 2022 095047

Lights on the sides of the mat flash when you step on it.

Halloween Ball Cap – $29.99

halloween dl merch 2022 094322

This grey ball cap has a ghost wearing Mickey ears on the front.

halloween dl merch 2022 094329

“Boo!” is on the back.

halloween dl merch 2022 094334

Halloween Blazer and Bowtie – $69.99

halloween dl merch 2022 094458

The blazer in this set is black and covered in Mickey pumpkins, plus some skulls wearing orange Mickey ears.

halloween dl merch 2022 094511
halloween dl merch 2022 094519

The blazer glows in the dark.

halloween dl merch 2022 110639

The included black bowtie lights up.

Halloween Sweater – $54.99

halloween dl merch 2022 110407

This black sweater has the classic Disneyland “D” on the left breast.

halloween dl merch 2022 110434

Pluto, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Chip, and Dale are on the sides and sleeves.

halloween dl merch 2022 110437
halloween dl merch 2022 110445
halloween dl merch 2022 110509
halloween dl merch 2022 110527

A Mickey jack-o’-lantern is on the back. This sweater was at Pioneer Mercantile.

Marvel Halloween Youth Hoodie – $44.99

halloween merch 125620

This pullover hoodie is black and covered in jack-o’-lanterns inspired by different Marvel superheroes.

halloween merch 125627

We found this and the two Grogu items below in Star Trader.

Halloween Grogue Onesie – $19.99

halloween merch 125343

This long-sleeved onesie is a cream color with an image of Grogu in a pumpkin crib. He’s using the Force to make candy float around him.

halloween merch 125345

It reads, “Little tricks, big treats!”

halloween merch 125420

Halloween Grogu Youth Shirt – $29.99

halloween merch 125440

This long-sleeved shirt has Grogu peeking out of a happy jack-o’-lantern.

halloween merch 125449
halloween merch 125445

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