BREAKING: Magic Kingdom Enhancing ‘Disney Enchantment’ with Archival Walt & Roy Footage to Properly Celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th

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Last night’s fireworks testing at the Magic Kingdom revealed a preview of new additions to Disney Enchantment in honor of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

Thanks to Twitter user @wheels_518, we can share photos of archival footage of Walt and Roy Disney projected onto Cinderella Castle.

enchantment testing
Image source: Twitter user @wheels_518

The projections are reportedly part of a new introduction for Disney Enchantment to better honor the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

enchantment testing 2
Image source: Twitter user @wheels_518
enchantment testing 3
Image source: Twitter user @wheels_518

Nothing has been confirmed by Disney at this time, though the new intro is said to be debuting soon. A common complaint after Enchantment made its debut for the 50th anniversary cited the lack of Walt Disney in a show meant to honor the realization of Disney’s Florida Project.

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enchantment testing 4
Image source: Twitter user @wheels_518

To see Disney Enchantment as it currently performs, check out our report from the show’s debut or watch the full video below.


What do you think about the possible inclusion of Walt and Roy Disney footage in Disney Enchantment? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Ya think? Why did it take almost a year into the 50th celebration/anniversary to honor them! This should have been the first thought on how to integrate it in Enchantment…NOT an afterthought because people were grumbling about it! With all the changes and things taken away…for example NO NIGHT PARADE at WDW…I would like 5 mins with Bob Chapek and make him understand he is breaking our hearts 💔. Oh…and also without Walt he wouldn’t get the exorbitant paycheck he gets!

  2. I am happy to see that Walt and Roy Disney are getting incorporated into this show. Better late than never! :)

  3. Absolutely must have! What’s celebrating an anniversary without honoring Walt & Roy. I would like to see that.

  4. They should have done this from the start. Might also be nice to include the characters that started it all like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto in at least one of the scenes… The current show really has nothing at all to do with celebrating 50 years of the Magic Kingdom…

  5. The question to ask, why this took so long? Current Disney seem to forget who started it all. Such a shame there isn’t more presence of Walt & Roy through out all the parks.

  6. That was the first thing I said about Enchantment. They missed the mark by not including Walt and Roy in the celebration for the 50th. Now almost a year in and they are finally doing the right thing.

  7. This is great if true but this will just feel like an attempt at washing over the blasphemy that was this anniversary show not featuring anything that actually celebrated the anniversary originally. To little to late in my opinion to make this show anything other then a tool to get on rides faster. Let this show die as the bonkers level of disappointment it was and bring in something better or bring returned and updated Happily Ever After.

  8. OMG. I was posting in a Disney group on FB a few weeks ago about how DISNEY dropped the ball with the 50th projection show — that it should have included images of WALT (and walt/mickey)… since this was HIS dream and we are celebrating 50 years of the fruition and success of his dream. I just want drop to the floor right now- I am so overwhelmed. Cant wait for my October visit to see this. Disney finally did the right thing. Now all they need to do is RETHEME the FEST OF FANTASY parade and call is a D50 celebration parade, like the D25 parade. It should not have taken them so long to realize this monumental failure.

  9. Too late. The anniversary was almost a year ago. Something like this should have been done from the start. I feel there was more of a true celebration when Disney World turned 10 ot even 20!! This celebration was lackluster, in my opinion.

  10. If this is true, it’s about time this type of intro was added! Was present last Oct. 1 at the MK and could not believe there was no reference to either Walt or Roy, the two people who made the 50th anniversary celebration even possible.

  11. This kind of seems too little too late. This should have been done from the get-go, and there’s no way they could blame covid for the delay.

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