Genie+ ‘When You Can Book’ Lightning Lane Banner Added to My Disney Experience

A new “When You Can Book” banner now appears at the top of the My Disney Experience tip board, letting guests know when they can next book a Lightning Lane selection.

disney genie logo

With Genie+ at Walt Disney World, guests can book a Lightning Lane reservation every two hours, or after using their previous Lightning Lane reservation.

The banner will now let guests know when they can book their next Lightning Lane reservation, so they don’t have to keep track of how much time has passed. If the “When You Can Book” banner reads “now,” you can book another Lightning Lane. If it says a time, then that is when you will be able to make another selection.

For more information, read our full guide to Genie+ and Lightning Lane, and our guide to “stacking” Lightning Lane reservations.

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  1. allow me to be clear here. if i have to wait over an hour in line and spend 0 dollars in the park, i will still never buy genie plus after buying a ticket to the parks. if we the people really cave to this fleecing, then what will they do next? charge us for the air we breath while at disney? walking on their pavement? gawking in their stores? admission fee just to set foot in pintraders, or mouse ears?

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