Walls Down Outside Rumored La Llorona House for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Walls Down Outside Rumored La Llorona House for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights is less than a month away, and Universal Studios Hollywood is revealing more and more of their haunted houses, including the rumored La Llorona house.

Curious George Lot

ush hhn construction 08.11 095628

There haven’t been many changes to the two tents in the Curious George lot since our last update, but we could see some lights staged at the back of this tent.

ush hhn construction 08.11 095631

The lights on stands were lined up behind the tent.

ush hhn construction 08.11 095846

The front of the tent isn’t easy to see, but it resembles a white house with grey shingles.

ush hhn construction 08.11 095849

Leafless trees and a wood fence are around the entrance. This house may be inspired by “An American Werewolf in London.”

ush hhn construction 08.11 095838

As we noticed last time, a scarecrow is now visible outside this house, which is Scarecrow: The Reaping.

ush hhn construction 08.11 095844

A truss tower and some wood crates are near the front of the house.


ush hhn construction 08.11 105443

Signs have been added to the walls around WaterWorld, where another haunted house will be located.

ush hhn construction 08.11 105455
ush hhn construction 08.11 105505

Universal Plaza

ush hhn construction 08.11 105615

Trusses cross this walkway in Universal Plaza.

ush hhn construction 08.11 105627

There are crates on either side of the trusses.

ush hhn construction 08.11 105639

Parisian Courtyard

ush hhn construction 08.11 105923

The rumored La Llorona house façade has been revealed. Construction walls are gone, so we now have a clear view of the decrepit brick church with three bells at the top.

ush hhn construction 08.11 105914

A wood fence surrounds a stone well.

USH HHN 2011 La Llorona
Image source: John Murdy

For comparison, here is the façade from 2012’s La Llorona.


ush hhn construction 08.11 120839

Unchanged is the tent on the backlot behind Transformers. It received a circus-style awning last week, which aligns with the rumor of “Killer Klownz From Outer Space 2.”

ush hhn construction 08.11 120842

Check out our latest construction update video below.

Will you be going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood this fall? Remember, never go alone…

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