PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/20/22 (Haunted Mansion Weighted Blanket, Jack & Sally Pullover, New Mugs & More)

Good morning from Magic Kingdom! We’re planning on doing some shopping and checking to see what new things we can find. Let’s get started.

IMG 4200 scaled
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In the Emporium a Jack & Sally pullover from The Nightmare Before Christmas has arrived. This pullover comes in adult and youth sizes.

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We found so many new mugs in the Emporium this morning. The first new mug we found was this mickey waffle mug and spoon set. The spoon included with the mug is in the design of a knife with butter on it for your mickey waffles.

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There was a Chip stacking mug that is supposed to connect with a Dale stacking mug. We didn’t see the Dale mug out yet to go along with this mug. Hopefully, it will be out in the parks soon.

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This adorable Winnie the Pooh mug featuring our favorite pals from the Hundred Acre Wood was available as well.

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The Force is strong with this adorable Grogu mug. This mug features Grogu and a things-to-do list. Sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend your day!

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For all you cat lovers out there, we found this cat lady mug in the Emporium. This mug features Disney cats including, Figaro, Lucifer, Cheshire Cat, Dinah, Sgt. Tibbs, Duchess, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Felicia, Oliver, Yzma, Mittens, White Kitten, and Mochi.

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“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” – A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh.

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In Uptown Jewelers, the new “Emperor’s New Groove” Dooney & Bourke bags and MagicBand are on display. These will be available to purchase on Monday, August 22, 2022.

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In Sir Mickey’s, we found a Belle color changing mug. When hot liquids are added to this mug, hidden artwork is revealed.

Haunted Mansion Weighted Blanket

You can rest in peace with this new Haunted Mansion weighted blanket available in Memento Mori. This throw blanket is filled with glass beads and weighs 12lbs. One side is solid purple, and the other side is the iconic Haunted Mansion wallpaper design. It has previously been seen at Disneyland. It is 12 lbs in weight and 50 inches by 60 inches.

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We spotted The Haunted Mansion LEGO set back in stock at Memento Mori. This item was flying off the shelves and was very popular with guests.

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Thanks for following along with our day at Magic Kingdom!

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