MK 2022 Halloween MMs peanut butter churro 4

REVIEW: M&M’s Peanut Butter Churro Debuts for Halloween at Magic Kingdom

It wouldn’t be a Disney holiday without a new churro, and Magic Kingdom is serving up an M&M’s Peanut Butter Churro perfect for Halloween. You can find it at the snack cart near Cinderella Castle.

MK 2022 Halloween mms peanut butter churro

M&M’s Peanut Butter Churro – $7.25

Churro rolled in peanut dust with peanut sauce, chocolate sauce, and M&M’s Peanut Butter

MK 2022 Halloween MMs peanut butter churro 4 scaled

The churro was served nice and warm with a dash of cinnamon. You can see the peanut dust, peanut butter drizzle, and chocolate sauce, as well as a healthy supply of M&M‘s.
You have to love peanut butter if you want to get this, but this is great. It kind of tastes like a Reese’s churro.

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MK 2022 Halloween MMs peanut butter churro 6 scaled

The peanut dust does taste like crushed peanuts (as it should) and is a really nice addition. The peanut butter drizzle tastes obviously like straight peanut butter, and the melted chocolate balances it out. You get the occasional crunch of an M&M, which are melty due to the warmth of the churro, but it all works together. We know churros are normally not the best here, but this one tasted pretty fresh.

It’s a great balance of chocolate and peanut butter, but again you have to be a peanut butter lover as it is the prominent flavor. We will definitely get this again.

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