REVIEW: New Chicharrones Pork Rinds at Hollywood Lounge in Disney California Adventure

Shannen Ace


REVIEW: New Chicharrones Pork Rinds at Hollywood Lounge in Disney California Adventure

Hollywood Lounge in Disney California Adventure is closed for refurbishment, but a limited menu is being offered at a nearby temporary location. We visited the Hollywood Lounge booth to try their new chicharrones dish.

hollywood lounge construction

Hollywood Lounge is surrounded by construction walls and blue tarps.

hollywood lounge booth

The temporary location is a Food & Wine booth across from Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! in Hollywood Land.

chicarrones 150327

There is no image of the chicharrones on the posted menu.

chicharrones mobile

There’s an image attached to the chicharrones in the Disneyland app of wagon wheel chips, which are also called chicharrones de harina. However, this is incorrect and misleading. The chicharrones being sold are fried pork skins, so not vegetarian-friendly.

You can see our video review of this dish and all the other new flavors that hit the resort this week on our YouTube channel, or by clicking the video below. And keep scrolling for more photos and our full review:

Chicharrones – $5.49

With side of hot sauce and lime


These are fairly standard chicharrones that seem like they could have come from any gas station store. There’s nothing special about them, nor are they particularly good.


They’re not necessarily bad, they’re just only okay.


The included hot sauce and lime did enhance their flavor, but you could put Tapatio and lime juice on bits of napkin and they would enhance the flavor. It’s just a good combination.

chicarrones 151625

That being said, if you are craving a big bowl of fried pork skins and you just can’t wait to get them once you leave the park, these will satisfy your craving.

chicarrones 151628

Beyond that, there are so many great snacks at Disney California Adventure that this feels like a waste of an appetite and money.

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