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Comcast CEO Says Universal is ‘Gaining Share’ on Disney Parks

At the Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference 2022, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said he believes Universal theme parks are catching up to Disney in terms of market share. He pointed to Universal’s upcoming Epic Universe theme park as a sign that tides are changing in Central Florida.

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Here is Roberts’ full quote:

We’re then going to open [Nintendo] in Orlando in an entire new park, huge scale, called Epic Universe, kind of the size of Universal now, a whole another park, hotels, restaurants in 2025 – ’26 period, massive construction going on now. We’re investing in this business all over the world, and we’re playing offense.

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Clearly, there’s one other company, Disney, that has a fabulous parks business. We’re gaining share. The ingenuity and the service and the customer satisfaction, it has never been better. And so again, we’ve looked for signs of a slowdown, and I’m sure there will be moments. But right now, it’s allowing NBC to make these other investments not just in Epic Universe and in Nintendo but also in Peacock and elsewhere so that we’re not taking money from one pot to put it in another. This is very much transforming the company with its own balance sheet.

In addition to its own Super Nintendo World, Epic Universe is set to have another Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Monsters land, “How To Train Your Dragon” land, plus its own hotel.

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  1. AND UNIVERSAL IS STILL SELLING ANNUAL PASSES!!!!!!!! My family has been spending much more time at Universal instead of Disney, and we love it there!!! They have great rides, great hotels and the food is delicious. In the past 15 years Universal has really stepped up their game and people are realizing it!

  2. Good. Disney’s time on the top is over. Dead. Let them have their overpriced influencer market since that’s all they seem to care about. Comcast is no innocent party by any means but at least they have successfully setup themselves up with a future that will place them at the top for at least a full generation of family vacations. Looking forward to this future of Universal. I’ve never expected to be completely done with the Disney parks they were so significant to my childhood but after my last trip there is no way I’ll be returning anytime soon. I’ve never felt that insulted while at Disney before, they have nothing special over their competitors and they clearly don’t care that that has become a well known fact. Thoughts and prayers go out to the staff still keeping the place chugging through this dark chapter in management.

  3. But it’s not Disney tho… lol like really universal no matter how bad they get just isn’t and can’t ever be what we all love and that’s Disney Parks

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