Disney Confirms Merriest Nites Not Returning to Disneyland Resort in 2022

Disney has confirmed that Merriest Nites will not return to Disneyland Resort this year.


Disney Merriest Nites was a limited-run hard-ticket after hours event during last year’s winter holidays. Since Disney had not made any announcements regarding its possible return, it was assumed that Merriest Nites would not be back. Disney has now confirmed this rumor.

Are you sad that Merriest Nites won’t return to Disneyland Resort? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Disney Confirms Merriest Nites Not Returning to Disneyland Resort in 2022”

  1. Im upset its not returning. I was looking forward to buying my tickets by now. It was a nice event. We had enough time to ride the rides, eat at Blue Bayou, the ambiance was amazing.

  2. So now Disney is doing away with Christmas? What’s next? Getting rid of Mickie because mice are sentient beings and it might offend them?!

    • Um. They aren’t doing away with Christmas. They are doing away with the paid Christmas parties that they only did for one year.

  3. Oh, man! Our family is so bummed! However, I’m glad we have a confirmed answer as we head there in late November and can make our final plans.

  4. I am honestly relieved. We had booked our stay months ago and were so concerned we were going to get booted out on one of our days, with no way to change days because of full reservations. Kinda over all the UP SALE events,LL, tickets, etc. The tickets are expensive enough but this constant, extra $20 here, $60 there, gets old. All it does it make it easier for those with green privilege and harder for those who just want to give their kids, or selves, a bit of Disney magic.

  5. Honestly, GOOD. These events are nothing but cash grabs with very little benefit for those who purchase tickets. People who spend their hard earned money to take their family there for vacation have to leave the Park several hours early despite paying for full price tickets. They can stay, but they have to pay an additional $165 per person…utter crap. I’m very anti ANY of those after dark events and I don’t care what the theme is.

  6. I wish they hadn’t waited so long to announce this. I didn’t want to book my days:reservations and get booted out early.

  7. So disappointed!
    Disneyland is always crowded.
    These special after hours parties are perfect when you’d like to enjoy some rides without long lines and just be able to walk through the park without trying to maneuver your way through crowds and crowds of people. They’re so worth the cost! Please bring Merriest Christmas back next yeat!

  8. Very disappointing. It was such a fun event and for local guests that aren’t magic key holders, these private events are the best way to enjoy your favorite food, entertainment and attractions.

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