Full Map Revealed for D23 Expo 2022

Spencer Lloyd

Full Map Revealed for D23 Expo 2022

We’re less than a week away now from D23 Expo 2022 kicking off at the Anaheim Convention Center! And with everyone getting hyped up for their favorite panels, we finally have a look at the full map for the Expo itself!

The main event is largely on the first floor of the convention center. “Mickey Avenue” as it’s called runs all thw ay through the center, and a number of shopping and informational booths will be available throughout the event, as well as a sizeable D23 Expo Marketplace.

The other areas show off auxiliary event spaces including Walt’s Plane, and a couple of additional retail spaces.

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  1. wonder if cheapeact will have the cojones to show up this time and face the music? place your bets folks.

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