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New Baby Groot nuiMOs Plush & Designer nuiMOs Outfits Available at Disneyland

Find these new nuiMO outfits and Groot nuiMO at Disneyland Park today!

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Disney nuiMOs fans will be thrilled to discover these items we found at Disney Showcase in Disneyland Park! We found a new Groot nuiMOs plush, as well as a variety of designer outfits from Ashley Eckstein and Wes Jenkins.

Baby Groot nuiMOs Plush – $19.99

Groot nuiMO plush front.
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If you love Groot, this tiny tree pal will be your new best friend! He is small, collectible, and will happily sit by your desk and jam out with you!

Groot Back view nuiMO.

He has a wood-bark pattern along his body, leading up to his mossy green head. You can dress him in any of the nuiMOs outfits or use him as a display piece.

Dr. Facilier Inspired nuiMOs Designer Collection Outfit by Wes Jenkins – $17.99

WJ Outfit #1

This new nuiMOs outfit shows off Wes Jenkins’ skill with theatrical costume design; the white and black shoes add a snazzy look to any outfit. Meanwhile, the red shorts and purple vest combined with the hat create a fun Dr. Facilier-esque look.

Hades Inspired nuiMOs Designer Collection Outfit by Wes Jenkins – $17.99

Hades WJ nuiMO outfit.

This devilishly cute outfit by Wes Jenkins is inspired by Hades. The jean shorts, t-shirt, and flaming hat will make a perfect addition to any ghoulishly mischievous characters.

Ursula Inspired nuiMOs Designer Collection Outfit by Wes Jenkins – $17.99


This Ursula inspired outfit features a black dress with the signature swirl, as well as a shining blue and purple skirt. Coming with a shimmering golden hat, we pity the poor unfortunate souls that will miss this.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired nuiMOs Designer Collection Outfit by Wes Jenkins – $17.99


This gorgeous “Alice in Wonderland” inspired dress, crown, and shoes will make your nuiMO feel like royalty. The only question this has us asking is how many heads have to roll for an adult size?

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Maleficent Inspired nuiMOs Designer Collection Outfits by Wes Jenkins – $17.99

Maleficent inspired nuiMO outfit.

This Maleficent inspired outfit will look wickedly good on any nuiMOs. The green, purple, and black accents come together to create a versatile but cohesive look.

Star Wars Inspired Ashley Eckstein Designer Collection Outfit – $17.99


This grey Star Wars inspired outfit would make a great addition to any Batuu bounding day! Designed by Ashley Eckstein, this outfit makes a subtle but impressive addition to any collection.

Darth Vader Inspired Ashley Eckstein Designer Collection Outfit – $17.99

Vader Outfit

If you’re channeling your inner dark side, this may be the outfit for you. Channeling Darth Vader, this outfit contains the shoes, cape, and vest you need to turn into Vader himself.

Marvel Inspired Ashley Eckstein Designer Collection Outfit – $17.99

Marvel Outfit

This outfit contains a split-color Marvel jersey with matching pants and shoes. It also contains a ball cap for your nuiMOs to show their love of Marvel.

Spider-Man Inspired Ashley Eckstein Designer Collection Outfit – $17.99

Spiderman Outfit

This outfit is inspired by Spider-Man and has alternating red and black sleeves and pants. The Spider-Man logo is also prominently displayed on the shirt and sides. The glasses match the shape of Spider-Man’s eyes, and the sandals match well with the remainder of the outfit.

Are you interested in picking up any of these outfits, or were you tempted by Groot? Let us know in the comments below. You can find out more about additional outfits here.

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