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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle & Death Eaters Return to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade

Dark Arts & Death Eaters Return to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Orlando

Until October 31st, a fan favorite show and character interaction is returning to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle

This fan favorite show uses projections, pyrotechnics, and fireworks to tell an enchanting story of good versus evil. This tale begins with a slow rolling mist enveloping Hogwarts.


The towers unravel to reveal Borgin and Burkes, the infamous shop home to objects that contain dark arts.

IMG 0053

Borgin and Burkes begins to have skulls piling around it before one breaks through the windows releasing darkness.

IMG 0059

The castle then reveals itself to be draped in spiderwebs. An Acromantula begins to climb around Hogwarts, surrounded by smaller Acromantulas, before climbing to the top and disappearing into the night sky.

Dark Arts Vine scene

Hogwarts becomes enveloped in Devil’s Snare, as a fight ensues near the base.

Hogwarts flood

Hogwarts begins to flood.


The castle is surrounded before a Fiendfyre races around the castle and killing the invaders.


The Fiendfyre then turns towards the top of the castle and erupts into a giant ball of fire.

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Hogwarts is surrounded by Dementors before revealing that Hogwarts is covered in the masks of Death Eaters before being visited by a familiar face.


Voldemort appears in a green mist before dissipating over Hogwarts.

Hogwarts ruins1
Hogwarts Ruins 2
Hogwarts Ruins 3

Hogwarts falls into ruins, and all hope is lost before we are reminded that we must always remember to turn on the light, and let darkness fade away.


A Patronus appears to rebuild Hogwarts and remind us that hope is always possible. This concludes the Dark Arts show with a positive note.

The show includes projections, pyrotechnics and fireworks, and is a must see for all. This show appears regularly from dusk until park close during select nights. Death Eaters also peruse the audience to provide some frights. Watch our full video of both below:

Death Eaters Return To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Death Eaters 1

The Death Eaters have come out to torment the guests of The Wizarding World, getting up close and personal, and performing dark arts around the land. These Death Eaters are not afraid to meet up close and personally. They pick out random members from the crowd and do intimidating interactions to while interacting with the land.

Death Eaters 3

The Death Eaters feature their metallic masks donned in a black robe.

Death Eaters 4

Keep an eye out around The Wizarding World for any mischief or dark arts that cause chaos around the land. There will always be something happening in The Wizarding World.

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