New Princess Tiana Merchandise Debuts at Disneyland Resort

Katie Francis

New Princess Tiana Merchandise Debuts at Disneyland Resort

The new Eudora’s Chic Boutique Featuring Tiana’s Gourmet Secrets is now open in New Orleans Square at Disneyland and a whole batch of new “Princess and the Frog” merchandise arrived with it.

“Princess and the Frog” Inspired Handbag – $44.99

Princess and the Frog inspired handbag front view

This luggage-shaped handbag with a mint green handle features a bright yellow faux leather covering with darker yellow bumper guards on the four corners. The stone-colored straps are stitched and “secured” with light mint green loops. On the upper left side of the bag is a pink megaphone appliqué with a mint green “T” stitched in the middle and a gold crown to one side. The opposite side is “09,” in mint green — presumably for when the animated feature premiered in 2009, and below are pink starbursts. A large embroidered crown is prominently in the bag’s lower center.

Princess and the Frog handbag Disneyland

The handbag features a mint green trimmed zipper and brass loops secured by stone-colored trim.


The handbag is from the Disney Princess “Color Me Courtney” collection.

Princess and the Frog handbag Disneyland Resort

Unzipping the mint green trimmed zip reveals a vibrant orange lining accented with red, pink, white, and green flowers. A matching faux leather shoulder strap is also included.

Princess and the Frog handbag Disneyland back view

The bright yellow covering with darker yellow bumper guards and stone strips continues on the back of the handbag.

Princess Tiana Ear Headband – $39.99

Tiana inspired ear headband 11

These Princess Tiana ear headbands take their inspiration from her ballgown. The center of the ear headband features light pink, soft green, moss green, teal, and blue accent ribbons reminiscent of a crown.


The plush ears, covered in mint green velour, are studded with large and small white pearl-like accents.

Tiana inspired ear headband back1

The entire back of the ear headband is covered with the same soft green velour with a few of the colored ribbon accents visible.

Princess Tiana-inspired Headband Set- $29.99

Princess Tiana headband 11

This brightly colored fabric headband features the bright colors New Orleans is known for.

Princess Tiana headband 21

One of the headbands is covered in bright orange fabric with pink, red, and orange flowers.

Princess Tiana headband 3

The second band is covered in a teal green with red flowers and green leaves, and accented with various sized pearls.

“Princess and the Frog” Reversible Bucket Hat – $39.99

Princess and the Frog reversable bucket hat 1

Perfect for strolling around the park on a sunny day or just gardening, this “Princess and the Frog” bucket hat serves double duty as it is reversible.

Princess and the Frog reversable bucket hat 2

On one side of the light blue cloth-covered hat is a floral print with white magnolia flowers and a darker blue botanical print.

Princess and the Frog reversable bucket hat 4

Flip the hat inside out, and it is covered in a solid tan fabric with a floral print orange-toned ribbon accenting the middle of the hat. Above the ribbon are an embroidered pink water lily and a yellow bee.

Princess and the Frog reversable bucket hat 3

On the back of the hat, embroidered on the brim is “Dreams made real.”

Framed Tiana Reproduction Prints – $199.99

Tiana framed print set 1

These exquisitely framed reproduction prints from the Color Me Courtney collection feature five prints with various images of Tiana.

Tiana framed print set 2
Tiana framed print set 3

The five framed images include a 14″ x 5″ print of Tiana in six jazz-age outfits, a 7″ x 5″ print of Tiana all in white with silhouettes of men in varying shades of orange, an 8″ x 10″ print of Tiana on a garland draped balcony, a 6″ x 10″ print of her in an elegant yellow dress with a brimmed hat, and a 5″ x 7″ of Tiana in her signature wedding gown.

Restaurant Fund Mug – $19.99

Tiana Restaurant Fund Mug

Whether you are saving up for a new restaurant like Tiana or having your morning coffee, this mug is just the ticket.

Tiana Restaurant Fund Mug

Also from the Color Me Courtney collection, this generously sized dark red mug with a comfortable rectangular handle has “Restaurant Fund” “taped” to the front of the mug. It is accented on the lower half with burnt orange and sienna brown stripes.

Tiana Restaurant Fund Mug

The back features the same design as the front, however, two thin contrasting red stripes replace the taped sign.

“Princess and the Frog” Dress – $129.00

Tiana sun dress 1

Similar to prints found on other merchandise, this light and airy sundress is perfect for a stroll along Bourbon Street.

Tiana sun dress top view 1

As seen from above, the bright yellow dress is covered in bright pink, red, and white flowers with contrasting floral prints and accented with green leaves. The top straps are ruffled, and the shirring bodice is accented with top and bottom ruffling.

Tiana sun dress back

The lower half of the tea-length dress is paneled with the middle half pleated and ruffled on the lower half.

Princess Tiana Saddle Bag – $34.99

Tiana Saddle Bag Disneyland

This colorful saddle bag is covered in bright, cheery botanicals with an artist’s sketch of Princess Tiana and her signature. The removable strap is covered in the same material as the body of the bag with rose gold hardware. There is no mistaking whose handbag this is.

Tiana Saddle Bag close up

On the front, the saddle bag has pink, red, white, and orange flowers on a sage green background. The pattern is accented by abstract foliage in periwinkle and shades of blue and green.

Tiana Saddle Bag back

The back of the bag repeats the overall pattern from the front.

Tiana Saddle Bag zip

The top of the bag features a matching zipper with a sage green pull.

Tiana Saddle Bag interior

The inside of the bag is lined in coral material and features an interior zipped pocket. It also has a gold-colored chain link shoulder strap.

Princess Tiana Ruffled Layered Skirt – $78.00

Princess Tiana Ruffled Layer Skirt 1 1

This skirt features six layers of ruffles with four layers in graduating colors from light blue to teal, and two accented a creamy yellow.

Princess Tiana Ruffled Layer Skirt 2 1

The back of the skirt continues the solid color ruffles.

Princess Tiana Ruffled Layer Skirt 3

The back of the elasticized waistband features a small zip and Princess Tiana’s signature accented by an embroidered teal water lily with golden leaves.

Have you visited Eudora’s Chic Boutique featuring Tiana’s Gourmet Secrets yet, and if so, did you buy anything? If so, let us know what you think!

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