REVIEW: Korean Corn Dog and Candy Corn Funnel Cake from Hollywood and Dine at Universal Studios Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights 2022

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 has descended on Universal Studios Hollywood, and Hollywood and Dine has a unique corn dog and funnel cake for the occasion.

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To see our video review of this restaurant and more Halloween Horror Nights foods, check out the video below. And keep scrolling for more pictures and our full review.

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Korean Corn Dog – $8.99

Hot dog and mozzarella skewer dipped in a Korean corn dog batter, panko bread crumb and fried

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This corn dog is the best Halloween Horror Nights offering in the park. In a sea of plain, underwhelming food that doesn’t try hard enough, this corn dog swings for the fences and hits a home run. Unlike the 22” Hot Dog we tried on the Lower Lot, this hot dog is just enough so as to not be overpowering in the overall dish. It makes way for the mozzarella cheese that the dog is wrapped in, then coated in Korean corn dog batter and panko crumbs before being deep fried to a perfect, crispy brown.

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The cheese leaks out from beneath the batter in places and becomes fried as well, while the rest of it is trapped inside to stay melty with the hot dog. The Korean batter is hard to describe, with no particular flavors coming to the forefront to note. It’s spiced – not spicy, but there are plenty of spices in the mix to present a complex flavor that compliments the cheesy hot dog, creating an overall delicious offering that was gone from our plate far too quickly. This is one to get for yourself!

Candy Corn Funnel Cake – $9.99

Universal’s famous funnel cake topped with candy corn and whipped topping

candy corn funnel cake hhn 2022 3

This is exactly what you think it is: a funnel cake and a handful of candy corn served on a plate. That’s it. Not a candy corn-flavored funnel cake, not a funnel cake that looks like a candy corn, nothing that fun. It’s a funnel cake. And also there is candy corn.

candy corn funnel cake hhn 2022 2

It’s not that it’s a bad funnel cake or anything, but it just fits the norm for the Halloween Horror Nights foods that it’s just the lamest, most boring option one could think of for specialty foods for the event.

candy corn funnel cake hhn 2022 4

You can probably skip this and miss nothing.

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