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REVIEW: Spicy Chocolate Churro Returns to Disneyland for Halloween Time 2022

Looking to add a bit of a kick to a classic Disneyland treat? Look no further than the Frontierland Churro Cart, where we found the Spicy Chocolate Churro back again! We first found this as the Coco Churro back in 2019, so we’re gonna give it a second shake.

Spicy Chocolate Churro – $7.25

Cinnamon-dusted chocolate churro with a spicy cocoa dipping sauce

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The dipping sauce is very rich and has a spicy aftertaste from the cinnamon. If you’re not a cinnamon fan, take notice: this is very heavy on cinnamon. It’s really good, but it might be too rich for some people to handle.

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The churro itself is… just okay. It’s plain, and it doesn’t taste super-chocolatey. The real star of this item is the dipping sauce.

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coco churro halloween time disneyland 2019 7

All in all, this certainly isn’t the worst choice you could make for Halloween Time at Disneyland, and joins the many other churros we’ve seen for the season like the Peanut Candy Churro, Sour Candy Churro, and Cookie Crumble Churro, all of which are interesting contrasts.

Will you try this churro? Let us know in the comments below!

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