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REVIEW: Jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie Returns to Disney California Adventure with a New Look

The Jack-Jack shortbread cookie has returned to Disney California Adventure for another Halloween season, this time with a new design.

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This is available at the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums cart, of course, in Pixar Pier.

Jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie – $6

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This shortbread cookie doesn’t seem too terribly different than many of the other shortbread cookies available across property in the bakery cases. It’s a fine cookie, not particularly moist and nothing really unique in its flavor profile, but it does its job well enough.

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The decoration across the top is cute, with a fiery Jack-Jack and a runny, almost tie-dye-looking icing. But aside from the small bit of sugary frosting on each bite, it doesn’t bring much to the cookie itself.

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We are left to wonder, if you’ve made your way all the way to the back of the park to visit Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums, why would you settle for this and not one of the better cookies offered at the same stand? Or, for those who are really in the mood for a nice shortbread, why not pick up one of the relatively cheaper ones in the bakery cases or packaged on the shelf? This cookie feels superfluous and overpriced in the grand scheme of baked goods at the Disneyland Resort. And with that, we likely won’t be having this again.

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