‘Disney Munchlings’ Mystery Plush Arrive at Disneyland Resort

New Disney Munchlings found in Candy Palace at Disneyland Park!

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As seen at D23 Expo, these good enough to eat Munchlings have found their way into the Candy Palace at Disneyland Park. You can choose between larger plushes based off of your favorite characters, such as Baymax, Stitch, and Pooh, or choose from a variety of themed smaller blind boxes. The larger plushes retail at $34.99, while the blind boxes cost $16.99.

Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Roll Munchling – $34.99

Mickey Munchling has cinnamon roll ears and a glaze on his arms and head. He smells like a delicious funnel cake.

This Mickey Munchling is designed as a cinnamon roll, with his ears and top of his head resembling them, both coated in frosting.

Back of the mickey munchling.

While he resembles a delicious cinnamon roll, he smells reminiscent of funnel cake. 

Minnie Mouse Strawberry Cupcake Munchling – $34.99

Minnie Mouse Strawberry Cupcake Munchling front.

This Strawberry Cupcake version of Minnie Mouse is wrapped in a frilled cupcake wrapper, with chocolate sprinkles and a strawberry bow on top. It’s cute enough to eat.

Back of Minnie Mouse Munchling

The plush is scented like strawberries as its appearance would suggest.

Baymax S’more Munchling – $34.99

Baymax S'more Munchling Plush front.

This Baymax Munchling features him as a soft and fluffy marshmallow. Who can resist the warmth within Baymax and the coziness of a s’more. 

Back of Baymax Munchling

Baymax is scented with marshmallow and chocolate, making him irresistible. 

Stitch Pineapple Upside Down Cake Munchling – $34.99

Stitch Pineapple Upside Down Cake Munchling front

Stitch is made to look like a pineapple upside down cake, with the cake making an adorable hat. The choice is perfect for him, fitting his background perfectly with such a tropical treat.


The pineapple scent is the cherry on top of this delicious delight.

Pooh Bear Honey Roll Munchling – $34.99

Pooh Bear Honey roll Munchling

This version of Pooh is sweeter than honey, featuring his iconic wrapping around a roll that Pooh himself would love.


Pooh shares the same funnel cake scent with the Cinnamon Roll Mickey Mouse Munchling above, though it makes a nice pairing with this plush.

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Munchlings Mystery Scented Plush – Baked Treats – $16.99


There are three series of blind boxes for Munchlings, with the first being Baked Treats, featuring items such as cupcakes, pastries and muffins. 

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This collection features 6 characters plus a mystery character. The characters and scents are as followed.

  • Minnie Mouse Strawberry Cupcake – Strawberry Scented
  • Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Bun – Funnel Cake Scented
  • Stitch Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Pineapple Scented
  • Baymax S’more – Chocolate and Marshmallow Scented
  • Eeyore Blueberry Muffin – Blueberry Scented
  • Pooh Honey Bun – Funnel Cake Scented 

Munchlings Mystery Scented Plush – Sweet Treats – $16.99

Sweet Treats Munchlings Front

The Sweet Treats collection is based on smaller treats such as truffles and hard candy. 

Sweet Treats Munchlings Back

This collection features 6 characters plus a mystery character. The characters and scents are as followed.

  • Minnie Mouse Peppermint Hard Candy – Candy Cane Scented
  • Mickey Mouse Cool Mint Candy – Candy Cane Scented
  • Chip Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle – Chocolate Scented
  • Dale Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle – Chocolate Scented
  • Pluto Peanut Butter Swirl Cup – Chocolate Scented
  • Goofy Chocolate Brownie Bar – Chocolate Scented

Munchlings Mystery Scented Plush – Frozen Treats – $16.99


With an appearance as cold as their villainous hearts, this set of plushes may just bring a chill to your spine.


This collection features 6 characters plus a mystery character. The characters and scents are as followed.

  • Maleficent Double Chocolate Mint Chip Cone – Chocolate and Candy Cane Scented
  • Lotso Strawberry Sundae – Strawberry Scented
  • Kaa Fudge Pop – Chocolate Scented
  • Pain & Panic Tripleberry Compote Bar – Berrylicious Scented
  • Hades Blueberry Jam Ice Cream Cone – Blueberry Scented 
  • Oogie Boogie Wintermint Gelato – Candy Cane Scented

These Munchlings are available in the Candy Palace in Disneyland Park, as well as on ShopDisney. We will keep our eyes out for new merchandise from D23 Expo hitting ShopDisney and Disneyland Resort.  Are you picking up any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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