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No Clear Progress Made on Former Tarzan’s Treehouse After Tarps Removed at Disneyland

Tarzan’s Treehouse at Disneyland Park has now been permanently closed for over a year to become something new entirely. Disney has yet to announce what the new attraction will be, though it has been rumored it could be an “Encanto” or S.E.A. treehouse. The entrance tree and bridge were fully removed early this summer, and the treehouse has since remained obscured by tarps.

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With bad weather expected in California this week, some of the tarps were removed, revealing that there has been very little work done on the treehouse.

tarzan treehouse construction 115646

Work lights hang from the scaffolding.

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A few caution signs and tape are on the treehouse proper for workers.

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Themed elements of Tarzan’s Treehouse remain.

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We could even see the “mind thy head” warning.

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tarzan treehouse construction 115739

There were no construction workers on site this week.

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tarzan treehouse construction 115731
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Through the trees, we could still see elements of the wrecked ship.

tarzan treehouse construction 115923

Tarzan’s Treehouse was originally Swiss Family Treehouse. The latter version remains in Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland, while Tarzan’s Treehouse still exists at Hong Kong Disneyland. No rethemes or refurbishments have been announced for other versions of the treehouse attraction.

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  1. This is ridiculous and funny this is like a WDW TYPE MOVE.. usually Land is on another level than this… with refurb and retheme

  2. Wouldn’t that be totally Disney though? After 1 year, the big reveal is nothing. NOTHING, NOTHING WHATSOEVER! You so STUPID! (UHF reference to wheel of fish)
    I mean unless you have little kids or a really crowded park or somebody trying to get in some sort of attraction in one day challenge, there’s no reason to visit this tree.

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