Walt Disney World Resort Removes COVID-19 Warning From Website


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Walt Disney World Resort Removes COVID-19 Warning From Website

In another update of COVID-19 policies at Walt Disney World Resort, we noticed the removal of the COVID-19 warning from the Walt Disney World website and the My Disney Experience app, this concludes a series of COVID-19 policy rollbacks that began at the beginning of the year.

Walt Disney World removes Covid-19 warning from website and My Disney Experience applications.

The website no longer shows a COVID-19 warning at the top, concluding the safety measures Walt Disney World has put in place for the pandemic. This comes just after President Biden said, “The pandemic is over,” in an interview with 60 Minutes yesterday.

Previously, the website had a large section at the top for “COVID-19 Warning and Information.” The warnings were simplified earlier this year and are now completely gone from the top of the site. The “Experience Updates” page with health and safety information was still live at the time of publishing.

At this time, the COVID-19 pop-up warning has also disappeared from the My Disney Experience app, with all updates directing back to the Walt Disney World website.

How do you feel about this further reduction of COVID-19 policies? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Resort Removes COVID-19 Warning From Website”

  1. Well … Biden did announce,the other day that the Covid 19 pandemic is officially OVER. So naturally, WDW follows suit by removing all signage. However… if the pandemicbis over. Then why has Cruising not hone back to normal yet?

    • Disney Cruise Line has gotten rid of the Covid testing for vaccinated guests. We are going on a cruise and we have to create an account to prove we are vaccinated. When are they going to drop this? I don’t know.

  2. Yea except reservations are keeping parks at cap. Before it was up to the cms and that was yea not fun! Hence for overcrowded parks and max cap everywhere. CMs should not be in control of park of park cap. I believe the reservations help there sorry to break it dont like it go to your other parks you keep referencing and troll another site not this one for real fans with real news! However they could reenforce gates like other park entry points where they have a bar that blocks you if the computer shows cap has been reached then its just up to cm to relay parks at capcity sorry. That could be an alt. We have em here in Hershey and I think BGW has em. They work still leaves upset guests but capcity is safety issue everywhere. Guests at wdw while they have tickets and finger prints there is a gap between the entry points. That if wdw didnt have such great security i be scared over. Btw the pandemic might be over but covid and its conditions its left people in are not. I know folks whom are immune compromised from it.

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