BREAKING: Individual Lightning Lane Access Prices Will Increase Based on Date

After the announcement that Disney Genie+ pricing is moving to a varied, date-based system, we now know that Individual Lightning Lane access will also follow the new pricing structure.

Minimum prices remain the same, but select attractions will see increases in price on Lightning Lane access. For example, Rise of the Resistance may now cost between $15-$22 per person for Lightning Lane.

Disney has specified that these prices are for October, and are “subject to change beyond that.”

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Individual Lightning Lane Access Prices Will Increase Based on Date”

    • Oh they care. They care about how much money you spend there. If you’re not the type of family that will drop a few hundred per person per day (on top of admission and meals) then you are quite literally an Undesirable in Chapek’s eyes. He would prefer that people like you stay home to make room for richer folk, whose worth can be easily measured in dollars.

  1. This sucks we had everything planned and reserved and most already paid and we leave to head to Disney this Fri the 14th for the first time with our 7 year old daughter and this is what they pull right at the last min when we are about to leave. I think this will be the first and last time I ever decide to go to Disney world until they can stop scamming people and the woke corruption in the company goes away and everyone in the head office gets fired and changed out with people who care about the customers more then ruining there vacation with price hikes. Will see how far this goes by next year. At this rate if the idiot CEO and share holders keep going at this rate, by next year Disney world will be a desert with no one in the parks if change doesn’t happen for the better and not for greed to make more money in there pockets. Such low brow has Disney become, selfish, ignorant, your destroying any dream Walt had for his park and for people to enjoy it stress free without worrying that there bank accounts have been over drawn from thousands of dollars they have to shovel out to go to Disney. It’s companies like this that think there the only ones in the country that people can go to, to have fun. Might not be as big but just as fun and a lot cheaper. Chepak needs to go!


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