Disney Executives Holding Retreat at Walt Disney World Resort

Katie Francis

Disney Executives Holding Retreat at Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney Company’s executive leaders are holding a global retreat at Walt Disney World Resort this week, according to WDWMagic.

Among the attendees are CEO Bob Chapek and Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro, along with leaders from Imagineering.

The details of the retreat are private, but it reportedly includes tours of everything new and upcoming at the parks.

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  • Katie Francis

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15 thoughts on “Disney Executives Holding Retreat at Walt Disney World Resort”

  1. The highest of leaders should be seen at the Parks all the time…

    They should be as commonly seen as Cast Members doing everyday duties..

    Their faces should be easily recognized, by Guests, anf Cast Members alike.

    When leaders are living the experience and the dreams just as Walt Disney did himself, then you understand, and you are revered by both Guests and Cast Members alike…

    For it to be a “news story” that high level executives are coming, demonstrates that they are almost never there.

    The guy in charge should always be there, and seen by everyone.

  2. They need to check out the parks while their there. See how poorly maintained they are – how rides are closed to maintenance issues. Disney just takes and takes and doesn’t give anything back. Right now, I have no plans on spending any money at disney for a very long time. #boycottdisney until they put their customers first and think less of their own pockets being padded.

    • Totally agree Susan! Just completed our family trip last week….I have emailed Bob and Bob over the past few years to share our experiences and what Disney means to our family. Even before COVID customer service had been on a decline. On this last trip I can’t even remember how many times a cast member had no idea where something was located in a park or used only one finger to point me in a direction. Not to mention I saw more cast members taking selfies and distracted with a conversation with another cast member ignoring a guest. It’s really unbelievable. I received a response from the executive office about my email and they offered a free photo pass. Well that was great and all but their were hardly any cast members available to take photos for the memory maker and where there were machines taking the photo it was broken. Good thing I didn’t have to pay for that!Walt Disney would not like what Disney has become

  3. Recently read “Harmonious” is going to be junked after only a year and be replaced with a “Drone” show at Epcot. Should be able to recoup this financial loss by the 25th century. Oh I forgot Bob Chapek and his price increases could possibly do that before next year.

  4. i hope they were forced to make park reservations for touring the theme parks. you know, just like they require of us regular rifraff. oh, and pay the raised ticket prices too!

  5. I believe that Bob needs to consider the annual pass holders and day guests as much the profits. It is clear that the groups I previously mentioned are not considered important anymore, only hotel guests who are spending big money.

    As an annual pass holders we would pop in for a couple of hours several days a week and a meal. Now that reservations are required, we have lost that flexibility and don’t visit as frequently and therefore don’t spend the additional money at Disney.

  6. I wonder how it would shake out if Disney; globally doubled ticket prices (walk-ups/resorts/passholders), removed the Genie/Genie+/Lightning-Lane systems, and removed the reservation system. These are the type of deep questions no one asks.

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