White Guest Claims Another White Guest Struck Them with an ECV at Magic Kingdom Because of Racism

It seemed like just another Central Florida summer thunderstorm when guests at the Magic Kingdom sought shelter under an overhang at the theme park — a good place to hide from the rain. But tempers soon flared up in the close quarters.

Susan, 68, from Indiana, tried to maneuver her motorized wheelchair into the space, but she lost control and hit a woman, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s report released this month documenting the August 2 incident.

Susan apologized to the woman, and that seemed to be the end of the matter. But Donald, 45, from Clermont, said he was a victim too.

Donald confronted Susan and wanted her insurance information, the sheriff’s report said.
Susan refused.

“Susan told (a deputy) Donald was being rude to her and her family, and she didn’t want to talk to him. Susan advised she did not realize she hit Donald and believed she had only accidentally run into (the first woman) with her wheelchair,” said the sheriff’s report.

Donald was upset Susan apologized to the other woman but not to him.

“Donald told (the deputy) he thought Susan hit him intentionally. (The deputy) asked Donald why he thought Susan hit him intentionally, and he told (the deputy) it was because he believes Susan is racist,” the sheriff’s report said.

The deputy asked Donald why he believed Susan is racist. Donald said Susan had smirked at him.

On the sheriff’s report, Donald’s race is listed as white, and his place of birth is Hawaii. Susan is listed as white.

The deputy refused to share Susan’s insurance information, telling Donald that was going to be a matter for civil court.

The deputy interviewed the first woman whom Susan had run into. The woman said she didn’t see whether or not Susan hit Donald but believed the whole situation had been an accident.

“Based upon the verbal statements given to me, and the close quarter nature of the crowd of people they were surrounded by, I do not find probable cause to charge Susan with battery,” the deputy wrote in the incident report. “It should be noted Donald was unhappy with the results of my investigation and only seemed concerned with getting ‘insurance information.’”

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7 thoughts on “White Guest Claims Another White Guest Struck Them with an ECV at Magic Kingdom Because of Racism”

  1. Donald seems like he’s being something that doesn’t rhyme with Duck. Accidents happen, even if he was hit. The “smirk” could have just been the ECV driver smiling at him because she figured “Hey, we both found a covering, and that’s a good thing, so let’s share a moment with him as we share this space out of the rain.”

    Things DO happen in theme parks (I’ve been hit by an ECV before and didn’t seek their information because I recognized this, not to mention having my ankles clipped by countless strollers), so maybe Donald is just overreacting. When tens of thousands of people share the same space, things happen, and that doesn’t mean it’s intentional.

    But I wasn’t there, so who knows?

    I think the deputy handled this properly.

  2. Obviously a Lefty ambulance chaser lawyer looking for an opportunity to sue Susan for a payday. An idiot is born every minute in America.

  3. I’m wondering why the skin color of the two people involved in this is indicated in this headline? What does that have to do with anything?

  4. “Donald” saw dollar signs as many nefarious Disney guests do. He probably already has a Magic File, but I bet he chewed Guest Relations a new butt if they didn’t comp him something.


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