Full List With Prices of EPCOT 40th Anniversary Pins

Celebrate 40 years of EPCOT with a new collection of pins featuring Figment, defunct attractions, and World Showcase Pavilions. These EPCOT 40th anniversary pins are available at Creations Shop.

Limited Release Day-Of Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8840

This pin features the EPCOT logo with small silhouettes of Figment.

epcot 40 pins 8841

A dangling charm reads “EPCOT 40 October 1, 2022.”

Limited Release Annual Passholder Figment Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8851

The Passholder-exclusive pin features Figment in front of the EPCOT logo.

epcot 40 pins 8853

Open Edition Figment Pin – $12.99

epcot 40 pins 8922

Figment is dancing with a top hat and cane across this open edition pin.

epcot 40 pins 8923

The EPCOT logo is in grey in the background.

Limited Release Rainbow Figment Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8854

This pin has a rainbow stained glass-like image of Figment in front of a white version of the EPCOT logo.

epcot 40 pins 8855

Limited Edition Dreamfinder Pin – $19.99

epcot 40 pins 8890

This pin features the logo for the Imagination! Pavilion on the front.

epcot 40 pins 8891

It opens to reveal Dreamfinder and Figment from the original Journey Into Imagination, in front of the rainbow tunnel.

Limited Edition Horizons Pin – $19.99

epcot 40 pins 8894

This pin features the Horizons logo.

epcot 40 pins 8895

The robot butler from the defunct attraction is featured inside.

Limited Edition World of Motion Pin – $19.99

epcot 40 pins 8897

This pin features the old World of Motion Pavilion logo.

epcot 40 pins 8898

A dragon from World of Motion is pictured inside.

Mystery Figment Set – $24.99

epcot 40 pins 8805

One of these boxes contains two randomly selected pins from a collection of 12.

epcot 40 pins 8806

Each pin features Figment and an EPCOT pavilion logo.

epcot 40 pins 8807

Limited Edition Mini Jumbo Figment Pin – $34.99

epcot 40 pins 8832

This “mini jumbo” pin has Figment holding a pot, with a rainbow of pavilion logos appearing from the pot.

epcot 40 pins 8833

“EPCOT 40” is along the bottom.

epcot 40 pins 8835

Limited Edition Jumbo Figment Pin – $115.00

epcot 40 pins 8823

The larger jumbo pin is all silver. A sculpted image of Figment with a top hat and cane is in the center.

epcot 40 pins 8824

“Celebrating 40 Years of Imagination” is around him.

epcot 40 pins 8825

“EPCOT 40” is sculpted at the bottom.

epcot 40 pins 8826
epcot 40 pins 8827

Mexico Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8861

Each of these World Showcase pins is circular, with an image of the pavilion and characters. They also feature the name of the pavilion and “EPCOT 40” in the corner.

epcot 40 pins 8862

The Mexico pin features Miguel and Dante from “Coco.”

Norway Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8871

This pin features Olaf from “Frozen.”

epcot 40 pins 8872

China Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8859 scaled

Mushu and Cri-Kee from “Mulan” is on the China Pavilion pin.

epcot 40 pins 8860 scaled

Germany Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8875 scaled

Goofy, dressed in green lederhosen and hat, is celebrating in the Germany Pavilion.

epcot 40 pins 8876 scaled

Italy Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8863

Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket are watching the fireworks in Italy.

epcot 40 pins 8864

American Adventure Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8873

Mickey and Minnie are holding hands outside the American Adventure Pavilion.

epcot 40 pins 8874

Japan Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8869 scaled

Stitch is featured on the Japan pin.

epcot 40 pins 8870 scaled

He’s relaxing in a kimono.

Morocco Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8865

Abu is enjoying a magic carpet ride through the Morocco Pavilion.

epcot 40 pins 8866

France Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8877 scaled

Of course, Remy from “Ratatouille” is on the France pin, gazing at the Eiffel Tower.

epcot 40 pins 8878 scaled

United Kingdom Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8857 scaled

Tigger and Eeyore are on the U.K. pin.

epcot 40 pins 8858 scaled

Canada Pavilion Pin – $17.99

epcot 40 pins 8867

Finally, Chip ‘n’ Dale are in the Canada Pavilion.

epcot 40 pins 8868

Chaser Pin with Display Banner – $29.99

epcot 40 pins 8880 1 scaled

This set includes a pin and display banner.

epcot 40 pins 8881 1 scaled

The colorful EPCOT logo is in the center of the banner, with “EPCOT 40 World Showcase” below. The background is blue with the minimalist images of World Showcase buildings.

epcot 40 pins 8882 1 scaled

The pin is shaped like Spaceship Earth, with each panel resembling stained glass. “EPCOT 40 World Showcase” is in silver on the center.

epcot 40 pins 8883 2 scaled

It has a pouch on the back for holding pin backs.

Check out the dated October 1, 2022 EPCOT 40th anniversary merchandise.

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