Guests Reportedly Jump Into Water at Grizzly Peak in Disney California Adventure

Security gathered near Grizzly Peak in Disney California Adventure today after two guests reportedly jumped into a pool of water.

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A bystander at the park claimed to Disneyland News Today that one of the guests may have dropped an item, and went in to retrieve it. They then supposedly got stuck, and the other guest went in to help them. Cast Members were assisting with the situation.

We briefly caught a glimpse of a pair of visibly soaked guests. One of them was wearing wet pants, while another removed their jeans as they appeared entirely soaked through.

Though the Disneyland Resort is relatively safe, there are occasionally incidents. In June and July, the Anaheim Police Department reported over 40 criminal incidents at the resort, including assault and battery, petty theft, and arson.

This is an ongoing story. Keep reading Disneyland News Today for further updates.

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  1. Not shocking. People from other countries seem to do whatever they want at the parks. There is no etiquette. If I had a dollar for every time I was stepped on, cut in line by or ran in to by a fat Mexican at Disneyland I would be rich.


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