New ‘Aristocats’ Apparel Arrives at Disneyland Resort

Spencer Lloyd

New ‘Aristocats’ Apparel Arrives at Disneyland Resort

We all know everybody wants to be a cat, and while science may not have caught up yet, you can still pay tribute to your favorite felines with this new set of “Aristocats”-themed apparel we found at the Disneyland Resort!

“The Aristocats” T-Shirt – $36.99

DLAristocatsApparelOct2022 1 scaled

This cream white shirt features Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse fresh out of the bath. All three of them have extra-puffy and wet fur. There is no design on the reverse.

“The Aristocats” Sweatpants – $49.99

DLAristocatsApparelOct2022 3 scaled
DLAristocatsApparelOct2022 2 scaled

The pants are mostly a plain pink.

DLAristocatsApparelOct2022 4 scaled

The only key identifier is a print of Marie fresh out of the bath on the left leg.

“The Aristocats” Sweatshirt – $49.99

DLAristocatsApparelOct2022 5 scaled

Also in pink, this sweatshirt features a different design compared to the other items.

DLAristocatsApparelOct2022 6 scaled

At the center is Marie sitting in front of a mirror as she’s playing with her reflection. The mirror is ornate and gold-colored, with cosmetics and a pitcher with daises flanking.

All of these are now available at the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District. And don’t miss the Ann Shen x Aristocats line we found last month here at Disneyland as well! Will you be wearing any of these this winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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