New Halloween Sweatpants & Stitch Magnets Now Available at Disneyland Resort

Spencer Lloyd

New Halloween Sweatpants & Stitch Magnets Now Available at Disneyland Resort

Although spooky season has but only a few weeks left, some of the new merchandise is still trickling into Disneyland Resort. So let’s take a look at the latest assortment we found!

‘The Skeleton Dance’ Sweatpants – $54.99

DL SkeletonDancePants3 scaled

These new sweatpants are part of the large “The Skeleton Dance” merchandise line we’ve seen this year.

DL SkeletonDancePants1 scaled

The right leg features a raised graphic design of the Silly Symphony logo and the cartoon’s name. Two frames from the cartoon are printed on, but a bit faded.

DL SkeletonDancePants2 scaled

The left leg features a much taller printed frame along with four dancing skeletons raised on top.

Halloween Sweatpants – $49.99

DLHalloweenCandyPants scaled

These Halloween sweatpants feature an all-over design with candies, pumpkins, and ghosts dotting the entirety of the pants.

Stitch ‘Trick or Trick’ Magnet – $14.99

DLHalloweenStitchMagnets1 scaled

This new magnet features Stitch in a wizard outfit, evil grin and all. The words “Trick or trick” are written both above and below.

Stitch “Gimme Candy” Magnet – $14.99

DLHalloweenStitchMagnets2 scaled

Stitch’s got another evil grin here as the moon and a black cat look on in horror. The words “Gimme candy!” are written above and below.

We found all of these at the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District, so be sure to keep an eye out on your next pass through. And let us know what you think in the comments below!

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