PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 10/17/2022 (Pixar Holiday Spirit Jersey and Crocs Arrive, Series 3 of Walt Disney World Figures, & More)

Good Morning, Movie Stars! It’s merchandise Monday, and we’re strolling through Disney’s Hollywood Studios on the hunt for all things new. Let’s get going.

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Right off the bat, we found three new popsockets in The Darkroom. Goofy and Sorcerer Mickey are a metal material, and pretty heavy, while the Mickey Mouse icon is oversized.

WDW Hollywood Tower Hotel elevator repair mug 6 scaled

This might be the most pun-tastic Disney mug we’ve ever seen. It was an immediate purchase. “The Hollywood Tower Hotel Elevator Repair” mug can be found at Celebrity 5 & 10.

WDW Hollywood Tower Hotel elevator repair mug 18 scaled

The handle is designed to look like a hotel key.

WDW Hollywood Tower Hotel elevator repair mug 13 scaled

Even repairman Goofy makes an appearance.

Walt Disney World ornaments

Five new ornaments have decked the halls of Celebrity 5 & 10. Main Street U.S.A. is our favorite of the bunch.

WDW Ornament Mickey Pretzel 2 scaled

Forget the popcorn garland, and hang this Mickey pretzel on your Christmas tree instead.

WDW Ornament Mickey Mouse Club jacket 2 scaled

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 1950s inspired Disneyland Popcorn box, and a silver Mickey Mouse watch round out the new ornaments.

WDW Ornament Popcorn Box 4 scaled
WDW Ornament Mickey Watch 2 scaled
WDW 50th anniversary fab 50 mystery box series 3 1 scaled

Series 3 of Walt Disney World Fab 50 figures have finally arrived. Buyer beware, these are cute and a cheaper collectible, but they smell heavily of paint.

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Hello, darling.

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The Haunted Mansion light-up chess set is the perfect start to your holiday list. We also found this set at Magic Kingdom.

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To infinity and beyond, we’re off to a galaxy far, far away.

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May the force be with you as holiday season approaches. We found some of the new Star Wars holiday collection in Tatooine Traders.

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Ewok Christmas zip up cardigan is adorable, and cozy. We also found this on shopDisney.

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Your little padawan can match you in their Ewok Christmas sweater.

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Of course, there’s an advent calendar. This one will cost you $99.99.

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R6-SNO is a must have.

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An adult shirt and matching kids onesie are “snow” adorable.

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Pixar Holiday Spirit Jersey, and matching Crocs, are now available at Beverly Sunset.

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The Spirit Jersey is extra soft on the inside and outside.

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The back is decorated with different Pixar characters as ornaments.

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“Toy to the World” these Crocs are amazing. They feature Pixar characters, and bring a new meaning to socks with Crocs.

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It’s time for us to drop in at The Hollywood Tower Hotel. Thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see ya real soon.

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