PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom & Disney Springs 10/22/2022 (Minnie Mouse Kate Spade Collection, New BaubleBar Jewelry, ‘Encanto’ Casita Musical Figure, & More)

Royal Greetings, and welcome to Magic Kingdom! We’re out and about finding new merchandise, checking on construction, and much more. So follow along to see everything we found on this gorgeous Florida fall day in today’s photo report.

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Main Street, U.S.A. is feeling a little crowded this morning, but we won’t let that get us down. It’s a beautiful, Florida fall day.

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Another Cuddleez has been added to the collection. It’s Officer Judy Hops.

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It might be a little late to countdown to Halloween, but this “The Nightmare Before Christmas” countdown calendar could be a spooky addition to your holiday decor.

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We found more Series 3 Fab 50 Character figures in the Emporium. Buyer be watchful! They are mixed in with Series 2 and Series 1.

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They won’t fit in a stocking, but they will look cute under the Christmas tree. New holiday Munchlings can be found in the Emporium.

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If you love snow but hate the cold, grab this PopSocket for your phone. It’s a snow globe featuring Mickey Mouse in holiday garb.

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Center Street construction has progressed forwards, literally. The back half of the street has new brick, while the front half is now blocked off.

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We’re soaking in the last days of spooky season before the holiday decorations go up.

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What a splendid sight.

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It seems Belle got lost looking for her Papa.

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Time for a ride on the PeopleMover, and a check in on TRON Lightcycle / Run.

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Check out our most recent update here.

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Two new Walt Disney World hats can be found at Star Traders.

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Inhale, exhale. Here’s today moment of zen.

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A brand new “Zootopia” youth hat is at Curtain Call.

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We stopped for a little bit of Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire performance at Cinderella Castle stage before heading out to Disney Springs.

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Ever After is now home to a new Minnie Mouse Kate Spade collection.

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You can look through the full collection here.

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“Don’t just fly, soar,” in these new “Dumbo” BauleBar earrings and necklace.

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We also found “Bambi,” Sorcerer Mickey, and “Pinocchio” inspired BaubleBar jewelry.

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Over at World of Disney, we saw a new oversized Marie plush.

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We also found new Marvel merchandise, including a new Spirit Jersey, and Spider-Man 60th anniversary merchandise.

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The giant Mickey Pumpkin is back! Grab yours while supplies last.

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Tren-D has another piece of the Color Me Courtney Princess Tiana collection. This letterman jacket will cost you $99.99.

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You can now bring the “Encanto” Casita home with you. This musical figure plays “The Family Madrigal.”

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Three new card holders are at Disney Style. They are $16.99 each and feature Bambi, Minnie Mouse, or Pluto.

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This She-Hulk mug is definitely coming home with us.

Thanks for joining us through Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs. We’ll see ya real soon!

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