Prices Increased on Pins, Shoulder Plush, and Light-Up Souvenirs at Walt Disney World

Price increases are sweeping Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we noticed the latest round of price hikes as prices of trading pins, shoulder plush, and light-up souvenirs have increased.

Prices increased on trading pins

We saw this pin price chart in Big Top Souvenirs, but the updated prices are in effect across the resort. Pins labeled silver are now $11.99 (previously $9.99) and pins labeled yellow are now $14.99 (previously $12.99). Pins labeled pink are still $14.99.

Redundant blue and green color labels have been removed. Green was $9.99 and blue was $12.99 prior to their removal.

Prices increased on shoulder plush

Shoulder plush used to be $19.99, but are now $24.99. We noticed the price increase in the Emporium, but like the pins, should be in effect all around the resort.

Prices increased on light-up souvenirs

Most light-up souvenirs have not increased in price, but items labeled brown have gone up from $30 to $32. Sales tax was included in these prices before, and that note has been added to the new price chart so guests know.

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