BREAKING: Prices Increased at Most Food & Beverage Venues Across Walt Disney World Resort

Prices on food and beverage across Walt Disney World Resort have been raised today. The price increases are in place at nearly every restaurant on property.


  • Alcoholic beverages have increased by approximately $0.30-$2.50 each. For example, the Hang Ten Mojito at Typhoon Lagoon increased from $14 to $14.50, but the Black Cherry Lemonade increased from $13 to $15.50.
  • DASANI Bottled Water has increased from $3.50 to $3.75, while smartwater has increased from $5.50 to $5.75.
  • Fountain beverages have increased from $3.99 to $4.29 at most venues, but $4.50 at outdoor vending carts.

The price changes also took effect at Disney-owned venues in Disney Springs. For example, drinks at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar increased by $0.50 for beer, while mixed drinks increased by $0.50 – $1 each.


  • Cotton candy has increased from $5.25 to $5.50.


Quick-service food has increased by approximately $0.30-$1. Examples include:

  • Kids’ Power Pack meals have increased from $6.19 to $6.79.
  • Entrées at Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT saw an average increase of $0.30, with the new pepperoni pizza roll increasing from $10.99 to $11.29 and Caesar salad increasing from $11.29 to $11.59.

Table Service

  • Wine has increased by an average of $1 per glass and $6 per bottle.
  • Lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant has increased from $62 to $67 for ages 10+. For ages 3-9, prices increased from $37 to $39.
  • Entrées at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop saw an average increase of $1. The Kitchen Sink also increased by $1 to a total of $36. Sundaes increased by approximately $0.25 per scoop.

Several items, such as DOLE Whips and Mickey Pretzels, that saw large price increases back in January were spared from increases today.

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5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Prices Increased at Most Food & Beverage Venues Across Walt Disney World Resort”

  1. Table (depending on venue& party size) is cheaper than quick service which is something i always knew bc we at morein then out but now i think its becoming more obvious by the fact that there were more reservations at one pt and now if you want one you have to pray it will be there or someone else drops it!

  2. Typically, I’d understand price increases are inevitable with the cost of doing business is always (steadily) increasing. However, it hurts more coming from Disney whose strategy is to increase prices and/or eliminate offerings (e.g. FastPass, Magic Bands, Magical Express, resort parking, to name a few).

  3. Disney execs: Just made 4 billion dollars in profit this quarter!
    Chapek: Yeah, let’s go for 5 billion.. Hey Josh hike up all the prices… you know they’ll pay more money for same stuff, I mean “magic”
    Guest: Can I have a Casey dog please?
    Cast Member: That will be 20 dollars please. 5 dollars for ketchup…
    Guest: I’ll just take the ketchup please…


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