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REVIEW: Pepperoni Pizza Roll from Sunshine Seasons Brings Nothing New to the Table at EPCOT

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If you’re looking for a quick stop for a snack in World Nature, you can now pick up a Pepperoni Pizza Roll from Sunshine Seasons over at The Land. Naturally, we had to see if it was up to snuff, so we popped in to give it a try today.

Pepperoni Pizza Roll – $10.99

Served with Pasta Salad

SunshineSeasonsPizzaRoll 2

The pizza roll is served with a side of macaroni salad. From looks alone, the distinguishing factor for the pepperoni version is a single piece of pepperoni on the outside. Otherwise, it appears identical to the cheese pizza roll (available for $10.49).

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It’s very greasy.

Pepperoni Pizza Roll EPCOT Sunshine Seasons

Seriously, look at how greasy the plate was. Grab napkins!

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Cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce fill the interior.

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All in all, this is your typical Disney pizza rolled up. The bread is thicker and more enjoyable on the ends, with the center being thin and chewy. The pepperoni sits on the bottom, and we would love more cheese. It’s certainly not terrible, but we are not blown away.

SunshineSeasonsPizzaRoll 7

This would not be our top choice of meal, but it does make a quick and easy meal for the middle of the day at EPCOT. Just beware of how greasy it is. A cheese pizza roll is also available.

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As for the macaroni salad, hello, salt! We can’t emphasize enough how salty this is. The cucumber and red pepper added a little crunch, but we had a hard time getting past the salt.

We found this at Sunshine Seasons within The Land at EPCOT, so if this seems like your cup of tea, feel free to pop in and give this a try. But personally, we might recommend stopping off at the Connections Eatery instead.

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