PHOTOS, VIDEO, REVIEW: Every Loaded Tot, Plant-Based Item, Sandwiches Old and New, and Even the Kitchen Sink at the Renovated Beaches & Cream Soda Shop in Walt Disney World

We’re back at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort for even more of their delicious new food. We checked them out during their soft opening a few days ago, but now we’re back for the official grand opening to review even more additions to the menu. We had a successful first visit, so we were eager to explore the rest of the menu. Let’s sock hop to it!

Beaches & Cream Ultimate Tot Taste Test 2019

Today, we decided to order all of the new loaded tots, including the plant-based option. We wanted to put all four of these appetizers to the test and see which tots reigned supreme.

Sock Hop Tots – $8

We tried the Sock Hop Tots during soft opening, but we’ll look for any excuse to order them again. The Sock Hop Tots were just as creamy and delicious as we remembered them. We did notice that the purple onions were missing from the order this time, though. The mix of cheddar and American cheeses creates a creamy flavor that’s topped by white gravy. The white gravy isn’t mentioned on the menu, but it will change your life. The Sock Hop Tots are a must if you visit Beaches and Cream.

Plant-Based Chili and Cheese Tots – $9

Don’t let the plant-based leaf logo scare you. These vegan chili and cheese tots are mouthwatering. These are the most flavorful of the tots and come packed full of vegetables.

Large chunks of tomato, mushroom, olives, corn, and beans top these golden tots. There’s also a plant-based sour cream and cheese to compliment the “chili”.

The sauce has a nice kick to it that we all agreed was not too overwhelming, but brought the dish to another level. We kept returning for more of these vegan tots and would recommend these to anyone, vegan or otherwise.

Cheese and Bacon Tots – $9

While these didn’t blow us away, these are a pretty solid dish. There’s a good amount of toppings and plenty of bacon and sour cream to kick these up a bit.

The onions and scallions added for a nice crunch, too. These were good, but not enough happening here to be memorable.

Chili Cheese Tots – $9

Of all the tots from the menu, we were most underwhelmed by the chili and cheese tots. The chili was good, but it was very, very basic.

There wasn’t nearly as much taste or flavor as the plant-based alternative, and we actually preferred the others. We’d probably pass on these next time.

Overall, it was a close race between the Sock Hop Tots and Plant-Based Chili and Cheese Tots. If we had to choose, we’d go with the classic Sock Hop Tots as the champion dish here. These tots were all crunchy and cooked to perfection, so you really can’t go wrong.

New Sandwiches and Classic Melts

Patty Melt – $19

You can request how you would like your burger cooked, and looking back, we wish we had known this. Ours was a little overcooked, leaving the burger dry and tasteless. The bread, onions, mushrooms, and cheese are the stars of this dish.

The menu says the patty melt comes with garlic peppercorn ranch, but we think they may have forgotten to add it. We really wish we had some more sauce to help the dry burger. The marbled rye bread is delicious though, so we would probably give this another chance and request our burger cooked a little less.

Plant-Based Burger – $17

By the end of the meal, it was a unanimous decision that this plant-based burger was the best dish we tried today. Nobody saw that coming. Not only was the Beyond Burger patty cooked to absolute perfection (compliments to the chef!) but everything about this was dreamy.

The onion jam adds a sweetness that makes your mouth water. There’s another sauce as well that we thought might have been a type of garlic ranch, but turned out to be plant-based mayo. The sauce is zesty and pairs well with the sweet onion jam. The bun is soft, fresh, and adds to the overall taste. This is one place we would definitely recommend to all of our friends who eat plant-based.

Plant-Based Bowl of Chili – $9

Another win for the plant-based options! This bowl of “chili” was so rich and hearty. We compared it to a thick, vegetable soup.

We didn’t notice any “meat” crumbles, but there is a ton of veggies. It has a little more of a kick to it than the chili on the tots and would be the perfect way to warm up on a cold, rainy day.

Salmon Sandwich – $21

After having such an amazing experience with the salmon salad on our last visit, we were excited to try the salmon sandwich. The filet is tender and flakes apart easily.

We can say the salmon was consistent with our last visit, although we would prefer it over the salad again rather than in a sandwich. The bread, lettuce, and tomato are very basic, and just don’t do much to enhance the beautiful salmon.

The Kitchen Sink – $35

After so much savory food, we really needed some ice cream to help balance things out. We went with the classic version of the Kitchen Sink, but it’s available in Chocolate Lovers and Neapolitan, as well.

You really can’t go wrong with this dessert. It’s more than enough to share. Scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, and mint chocolate chip serve as a base, and then are buried in toppings.

We’re talking peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce, bananas, Oreos, brownies, cake, a whole can of whipped cream… and more! Basically, everything you can think of. Whether you just really love ice cream, or you just love the sound of the sirens and the “WHOLE CAN OF WHIPPED CREAM!” antics, don’t miss out on this classic, over-the-top dessert here.

Given that this was such a large undertaking, we recruited the help of staff members Nick LoCicero and Eric Wolfe (from WDW News Tonight and WDWNT’S Plus Party) to help review all of the new offerings! Be sure to check out our video below to watch us tackle this menu and hear all of our thoughts:

Beaches and Cream Soda Shop is back and we couldn’t be happier. We had a lot of favorites from our meal today, but everything was delicious. For our friends who eat plant-based, we would highly recommend checking it out for some amazing savory alternatives.

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  1. They really should mention the ALL key ingredients on the menus. I’d be heated if I thought I was getting cheese-covered tots and it turned out to be cheese and gravy – yuck!

  2. As a vegetarian, this is my go to for an amazing burger. I’m really happy they didn’t change it!

  3. No disrespect intended but… do you have to make ‘plant based’ sound like alien food from hell?

    One of my complaints about Disney’s new found religion (and I’m a vegetarian, BTW, so…) is that there’s ‘vegetarian’ and ‘vegan’ and they’re not the same – and Disney just went from ‘meat on everything’ to ‘vegan’ with no stops along the way. Also, technically ‘tater tots’ ARE inherently (and redundantly) plant-based because they are, in fact, 100% plant, which is why the term is being kind of misused as a synonym for ‘vegan’.

    The actual phrase is ‘plant-based protein’ and refers to products like Beyond Meat, LightLife or Impossible Foods products, which, you might be surprised to find, isn’t actually targeted at vegetarians or vegans (in fact, it’s often prepared on shared grills which makes it not-vegan) but as an alternative for meat eaters.

    Don’t get me wrong – this is a huge improvement for Disney. Last time I went I almost ended up in a coma as the only things I could eat safely were sugar, sugar, cake, sugar, Dole whip (OMG.. if I never have that again.. I will die happy)… All the adult food was basically meat… But it’s an option – no one’s going to stop serving meat-based dishes. And at least those of us who have an allergy to animal products can eat real food at Disney.

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